You Will Fail... unless you have this one tool in place.

You Will Fail... unless you have this one tool in place.

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 31 Aug 2020

I have one question for you.  How did you start your day?  I'm betting there is one tool that most do not use and you probably are not either.  You may think you do, but at the end of the day - You Will Fail... unless you have this one tool in place.


Harsh Words

Even I would say those are some harsh words for most.  Here's the thing, I'm correct. I have seen it many times.  Everything is lining up and in the end... face plant!

You Will Fail

Have you heard the name Peter Drucker?

If You Can't Measure It You Can't Manage It.

That thinking has been around for some time.  Whether it was Napoleon Hill in his timeless book; Think and Grow Rich, or you hear the latest performance guru talking about it.

It's true.


What is Your Plan?

More specifically what is your goal? I know, I know, you're shaking your head and rolling your eyes.  I have done the exact same thing MANY times.

Here's the catch.  If for just a nanosecond, you release the fact that you think you know how you're doing, or that what you saw on some random feed was the next best thing, you will see results.

Listen to a minute from Dan Pena;

Otherwise know as the trillion dollar man, Dan Pena is the baddest a$$ person I know when it comes to getting it done.  So what the heck is he and so many other highly successful people talking about?

You have to identify whatever it is you're going to do and then measure it!


The Simple Tool

There are so many version of this out there it is mind numbing.  And the power of it is equally stunning when you allow it to do it's job.

What are you capturing your results in?  What are you capturing your thoughts in? How do you pull them all together?

I tell you what, the best thing that I have found is a good and simple scientific journal.  It's one of those 100-150 page smaller than a notebook, notebook.  And it gets the job done.

Don't get me wrong, I've used all kinds, types, shapes, sizes, denominations and flavors of the latest and greatest.  At one point, I captured as much as I could on an iPad only to lose it all when most of the content had not been sync'd but more importantly, it was far too obtuse.

By that I mean that it just didn't make sense.  My use of technology is to turn and go.  Move and fly... fast!

That's not the point of the journal.  If you actually use the pen and paper version your mind will actually slow down enough to get your thoughts in motion in a usable direction. This will not make you slower, it will actually catapult you ahead of everyone else thinking the latest gadget is their panacea.

You can use Dean Graziosi's, Better Life Journal, or even the more intense Rapid Planning Method by Tony Robbins and you will be light years ahead of your peers.  The best part is that they won't even think you're a threat because they just don't get it!

By the way if you go to you can get Dean's Better Life Journals at something like 20% off.  I don't get anything from it.  They are the journals that I use and I think they are excellent. Here's a snap in the last few pages of these books that lay it out.You Will Fail

Here's the thing, we are talking about consistent and never ending success.  That does not come without a few bumps in the road.

What this tool will do is navigate those bumps more quickly and leverage the experience into something else.  


Moving Forward

The topic of how you capture what you are doing and measure it to elevate your success is just incredible.  I would have told you it was a bunch of total b.s. until I gave it a go.  Started with 7 days, then 14, then a month.

After that I never looked back.  I hope you do the same!


NOTE: Now that you are on your way to capturing what you do and aligning your goals with what it is that you truly hope to accomplish, I just want to say congrats for taking the first step if you haven't already!

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