XPRT - The Persistence We Have All Been Looking For

XPRT - The Persistence We Have All Been Looking For

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 25 Aug 2021

The End is Near!  We Have Put In the High! This Run is Extended!  I am sure that all of these phrases have come across your ticker at one time or another.  It's actually quite shocking how these sentiments ebb and flow, sometimes daily.  Fortunate for all of us there is something happening... XPRT - The Persistence We Have All Been Looking For.


Persistence One

Sometimes it's just easy to get caught up in the sentiment of what's going on around us.  Who's heard someone utter the phrase: Bulls Make Money but the Bear Market is Where You Make Serious Money?  Every time that phrase comes up an obligatory eye roll takes place.  C'mon now, there's more to it than that as true as it may be.

Fortunately there's always something brewing in the crypto space, the challenge is just paying attention and reading the market, context and organizations that are coming online.  This is where one of those projects is beginning to take shape and it's very exciting.

Persistence is one of those projects that makes you take pause as you navigate all of the swap's and .finance's of the space.

XPRT - The Persistence We Have All. Been Looking For


Data flows like water today.  Digital assets will flow like water tomorrow.

Most likely through the end of 2021 anything that anyone touches will seem like it is a winner of a project.  We all know that feeling right. 5-10% in a blink of an eye is expected with multiples being the norm.

For the moment though we need to set that sentiment aside and think about a few other things like utility, problem solving and leadership.  


Solving a Problem

So what is the issue anyway? Connectivity...  In much the same way that http & smtp began connecting much of the world through the interwebs (as one of the green dot youtube personalities may say), Persistence is working toward something similar in DeFi, Staking as a Service and other features that look enticing for both the individual as well as business.

With the litany of solutions and platforms available making a decision on which, when and why can be overwhelming at best.  At worst it could be absolutely debilitating, which is where thinking about the different facets of Persistence is very intriguing.



The value any platform lends is incredibly important in the calculation overall.  As traditional finance continues the transition into a blockchain based world, the mission is not to solve a 1:1 conversion between the old system and the new but leverage the strength of the technology.

In the Persistence wheelhouse the family of products available is exciting as it is broad, yet conveniently packaged.  At present the grouping of functionality includes.

Persistence One Products

Be on the look out for more specific and detailed write-ups on each one of these products in future pieces, but for now the listing covers a wide variety, yet specific & simple approach to leading in the finance space.

If you think of yourself as a business, an individual entity or just as an individual, there is room in each from pStake to pLend (which is still forthcoming).

When you look at the capabilities and think about the differences amongst the available platforms in the cryptoverse it's easy to look and compare on an apple to apple basis when it seems that we are more talking about fruit and vegetables. 

No comment on which is the fruit here.



In addition to solving a problem and serving utility to a community, the third leg on the stool is always the leadership.  One may argue that community is a fourth pillar, yet that too would fall into leadership.

If you have a few minutes to view this video, it gives a nice opportunity for the founder of P, Mr. Tushar Aggarwal to talk open and freely with the host about the vision for the project and what he sees coming this year and beyond.

Trust in a trustless business is an interesting contradiction on many levels, yet it is absolutely required in this author's opinion to give direction and a lens to view a particular project.  This brief interview gives a nice snapshot of what's to come and the path taken so far.

Obviously the reader will and should come to their own conclusion, but in this author's opinion there is so much more driving the success of Persistence.

Be sure to stay tuned for articles going further in depth into persistence and providing more insight into the why and how the organization is moving further... faster.

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