Worried About the Latest Bitcoin Rise?
Worried About the Latest Bitcoin Rise?

Worried About the Latest Bitcoin Rise?

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 4 Aug 2020

You know you're getting older when you find yourself saying something a mentor told you earlier in life... "Change Brings Opportunity".  I found myself saying it the other day when I was asked - Hey BryRi, are you Worried About the Latest Bitcoin Rise?


The Last Couple Weeks...

...have been really interesting.  Now I'm not talking about the ups and downs.  The 1,000% gaines in numerous coins and tokens, while impressive is not what is most curious.

What I am seeing is some of the latest trends in what everyone is looking at.  A great tool for everyone is google trends.  If you look at just Bitcoin over a 12 month period and then the last 5 years, it looks curious to me.

Let me show you.  Over the last 5 years the search results look like this. (Notice the red circe)


Now over the last year... (Notice the red circle)


Also, what is helpful is the "Interest over time".  Here's what it means:

Worried about the latest Bitcoin rise?

There are many many interesting factors that have influence of what markets do, what decisions investors are making and the overall state of affairs.  When I look at what went down 5 years ago and then again over the last year, there are some striking similarities.

I would expect the analysts in the community to add some solid expertise on this from the market data.  What has been interesting overall from the social side is that searching data has some correlations both directly and inversely depending on the situation.


Now remember this isn't market data.  This is social interest.

Worried about the latest Bitcoin rise?

Worried about the latest Bitcoin rise?

So we are seeing upticks in interest.  "Who cares?", you may ask. 


If you'll permit me, let me share a story.

I worked with a fella a couple years ago in the industrial military complex.  He ran an analytics group that was looking at munitions sales and purchase across the globe. After analyzing ridiculous amounts of data, they found a correlation between gas (petrol) prices and the value and purchasing power of different countries.

On the surface, that may not seem too shocking but thinking about it.  If you can watch the price of a gallon or liter of fuel and watch it vacillate between different price points and not need to watch anything else for certain types of decisions, wouldn't that be helpful?

I'm not saying that the google trend data is the only data point to watch.  What I am saying is that there are some similarities that are helpful in rounding out bigger picture strategies of what are playing out on global scale.


Take a Deep Breath

So what has really perplexed me over the last few weeks is some of the tone I am picking up from folks in the space.  There is lots of focus on BTC, more so on ETH, and a blistering focus on projects such as LINK and VET and then a few other ERC-20's maybe LRC and BAT included.

I sense there are folks starting to get really worked up with both excitement as well as some caution.

At the end of the day, I just say Take a Deep Breath. Stick to your plan and what you're doing.  Change is the only constant in our lives, so expect change.  Embrace change.  Even as our brother, Rice crypto says "Practice Change".

This is all working out as it is supposed to.



Hey there, It's BryRi. Really glad to meet you! People ask, "what do you do BryRi?". I'm Strategist, Builder, Doer; My background is in Forestry, so I know how complex & diverse systems are key to achieving short & long term goals.

BryRi Method
BryRi Method

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