Why Atomic Wallet Should Be Part of Everyone's Vocabulary
Why Atomic Wallet Should Be Part of Everyone's Vocabulary

Why Atomic Wallet Should Be Part of Everyone's Vocabulary

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 4 Jul 2020

The Age of Limitless Information

These are incredible times in front of us right now.  How many of you can remember when there was a time before email?  We had college computer labs filled with the original Apple Computers and trying to understand Unix, DOS and how Apple and Microsoft all fit together was this amazing time.  That brings me to day where I want to share a few nuggets: Why Atomic Wallet Should Be Part of Everyone's Vocabulary.

"The best solutions fly under the radar until they can stay concealed no longer"

I still remember the first time we went from five and quarter floppy to 3.5 hard disks.  And then through all of the iterations to where we are today with much of our data, content and existence operating in the cloud.  We have had to upgrade, repeat, relearn, trash and execute just about every command to arrive where we are today.

Does any of this resonate?  Even if you are blessed to have entered the world when much of the digital infrastructure we see today was just born, this article is for you too.  The lessons of the past reveal much of what we do going forward and more importantly, how we can avoid the same pitfalls and traps, albeit if they are of a different flavor.


What is Atomic Wallet and How Did I Find It?

I suppose like many of you, whether you are an "ol salty crypto dog" from 2009 or just jumping in during todays times of boom or bust, you have made the "trek".  

Now what do I mean by the trek?

Well if you want to find something that is most misunderstood other than a vague "that's a bitcoin thing right", type of response, you needed to trek through masses of information and content.

In today's day and age of information availability at the levying of a keystroke, where does one even go?  Media appears to be misinformed, the MLM'rs are pushing hard at your psychology to influence your actions, and those within your circle are some variation of where you are at now.

Sounds a little deflating doesn't it?


At a certain point after seeing different wallets from Bitcoin.com, Coinbase, Binance, and a handful of others, I came across Atomic Wallet.  There was something that immediately struck me as a little different.

If had this feeling of that group, where everyone was just ahead of the curve but definitely wasn't bragging about it.  Well not too much, it's a business after all.  My point is that it felt authentic and real.

At first I was skeptical like all the rest.  New kid on the block, not too much information available, a handful of reviews that didn't add up to much.  But again, it was familiar.

When I started to break down and analyze what I was looking for in a crypto wallet, I started to ask questions or better stated, identify what I wanted out of this kind of service:

  • I needed to control the private keys and have the responsibility be mine.  
  • The ability to exchange, but not through an exchange.
  • Some type of investment opportunity from the wallet. (I would later learn this would become staking)
  • Consistent and reliable support.
  • and the biggest topic being SECURITY.

Without writing a novel on each of these topics, I was satisfied with the answers that I was finding on each. One of the points that I have found on different technology projects over the last decade is that there are always gaps.  The key is that you recognize what is the 80% solution.

Now the 80% solution is that whatever service or application you're using covers just about everything you need or want.  Don't hang on the number.  My 80% is someone else's 99% or vice versa.  The point is that there is always room for improvement.

Besides nothing is truly 100%.  If that were the case there would be no room for improvement or ability to make progress.  I heard a famous influencer once say:

"We all grow or die".

My point is that there are little things that are nice in every service or crypto wallet that is out there, but at the end of the day, I found Atomic Wallet and it turned the tide on my thinking about simplicity and efficiency.

I said it at the beginning and I'll say it again here too, Atomic Wallet Should Be Part of Everyone's Vocabulary.

Post Note:

One of the other nuggets about Atomic Wallet is that everyone who has a wallet is given an Ambassador code to share with their friends, colleagues, family, and other enthusiasts who are interested. 

There is a signup bonus and airdrop of AWC the native Atomic Wallet Coin for those who open their free wallet and have $10 USD of currency in their wallet.  You can use this link.


The referral code is 10FGCY.


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