Which Social Platform is the Most Difficult for Crypto?
Which Social Platform is the MOST Difficult for Crypto?

Which Social Platform is the Most Difficult for Crypto?

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 5 Aug 2020

As I was writing one of my latest articles; Worried about the latest BTC rise?, the opportunity arose to look a little deeper at the Google trend data around BTC.  After spending some more time trying to digest what I was looking at I had a question. Which Social Platform is the Most Difficult for Crypto.


This Could Be Really Big!

As I was thinking about the topic, candidly I was being a little myopic.  I was thinking about the bigger social platforms that are ubiquitous with connection across the e-sphere, regardless of how much they truly are or are not.

I was thinking about this during an age of censorship and partisan thinking like I could have never imagined.  Reading articles about people, businesses and organizations being deplatformed from YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as made me really question what is happening on a bigger scale.

The easy answer may be that when anything happens, the market will respond accordingly.  With that in mind, we have seen major growth in the blockchain based platforms that are appearing at what seems a breakneck speed.



As listed in this article from Coin Telegraph, we can see some of the different opportunities that exist.   A handful of increasingly known platforms are being used which include;

  • Bitfinex
  • Steemit
  • Hive
  • Mamby

Plus a few others, including Publish0x too! The options are growing quickly and pulling folks in at scale.  

We can still operate with the "build it and they will come" mentality, yet to increase the pace and scale of transition, there's still the need to engage on the main stream platforms to convert interest.


My Observation

While watching some of the different occurrences play out over the last year, it seems that now more than ever it is important to engage on a broad scale as far as possible.

One of the lessons that I was paying close attention to recently surrounded a massive shift in LondonReal.tv and their business process.  If you have seen any of this it should be the canary in the coal mine for most of you.

Brian Rose, the host of LondonReal, in March of this year hosted David Icke.  David is a former U.K. Green Party spokesperson, professional footballer, and most recently author of some +20 books.

Their conversation covered a wide array of topics including COVID-19, 5G, Government, and social unrest.  Within what seemed to be a ridiculously quick amount of time LondonReal was deplatformed across the majority of the social platforms.  Boom, that quick!

I see happenings like this one as well as recent Twitter hacks and censorship as reasoning behind the explosive growth in the social blockchain space.


Changing Gears

For a moment, if you'll indulge me.  I have a question.  While I don't agree, I somewhat I can understand what the Twitter and YouTubes of the world are doing.  Social media platforms are driven by community guidelines that can be very subjective.  The one platform that I do not completely understand yet is LinkedIn.

Don't get me wrong, I use LinkedIn all the time and have for years.  Having transitioned from an online destination to host your virtual C.V. it has come a long way.  I don't quite understand how the majority of the hundreds of millions of users on LinkedIn do not engage.  The "surveyors" are in mass!

It is not uncommon for a very successful professional to have virtually no activity other than reading content.  This always strikes me as odd as it is THE place to connect with other business professionals.

This phenomena is consistent and true as it relates to crypto as well.  The LinkedIn community from what I've seen, tends to tiptoe around the topic.  There are some great private groups with 50-100k membership, but even in those groups, the content is minimal and engagement sporadic at best.

What's the deal?

Is this for fear of being singled out?  Could it be that once you reach the "pinnacle" of being a successful business person you look to lay low?  I surely hope not. 

Nevertheless, there is what feels like a blockage in terms of really letting the creative juices flow when it comes to crypto on LinkedIn.  I don't know if it's people, community guidelines, social pressure or something other elusive factor.

I just know that I find amazing professionals all the time on LinkedIn, especially ones who would geometrically grow their world by engaging in crypto discussion. What am I missing?

Would love to know your thoughts on the topics, both on LinkedIn specifically as well as how you see the landscape developing with the advent of blockchain based social platforms. 

Will we see the end of the big boys? Or is it just as likely that the Libra's of the world are on the verge of being unleashed?  Be sure to comment below!


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