What the Zeeves is going on here?
What the Zeeves is going on here?

What the Zeeves is going on here?

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 26 Jan 2021

Admittedly, with all of the hoopla going on around BTC these days, sometimes a bit of a delay may be taking place. Even with all of that happening, you might be asking - What the Zeeves is going on here?


Who is Zeeves?

Like many you may have read Zeeves and thought, jeez, sneeze, most likely Jeeves or even Jarvis? Well you're partially correct.

You may have come across the tweet (linked to the image above) recently from @Zilliqa and saw something that caught your attention. I know it did mine.

So in short, Zeeves is the engagement bot for Zilliqa and over the next 7 weeks, there are numerous ways to connect, earn and engage.


Zeeves Telegram

Like most happenings in the crypto space there is usually a telegram group that can be helpful, strongly emphasize the word "can"...

What the Zeeves is going on?

Now you can always roll an eye to a telegram group but at first blush, the group https://t.me/zilliqawalletbot looks to be helpful, well thought out and organized.

After initially entering the group you have the opportunity to set up your ZIL address for the Zeeves bot which is painstakingly simple. How's that for an oxymoron?

In all seriousness, it takes less than 60 seconds to set it up. You are provided a QR code both in link format as well as a savable format to your destination of choice. Along with connecting a password, you are in business.

After setting up the address you will be able to access yoru private keys through the bot as well as numerous other features.

Let's look at a few.


7 Weeks of ZIL Rewards

What may have caught your eye is that same thing that was listed in the original Zilliqa tweet - 7 weeks available in the rewards program. That's right, until mid-March, the program is in motion.

What the Zeeves is going on?

And to top it off, a contest format makes some of the rewards even more lucrative for those who are willing to entertain the opportunity.

More details are available at https://www.zilliqa.com/zeeves


Zilliqa bot organization

Like many, this author was a bit leery of first joining the Zilliqa bot. Having heard the endless horror stories of scammers, nefarious actors and others who seek to malign honest users in this space, I expected no less here.

Much to my chagrin, I found the bot to be pleasant to work through and the questions that I had were intuitively answered with ease.

Several helpful lists are available which describe what is available, earning opportunities and general overview of the service.

What the Zeeves is going on?

What the Zeeves is going on?

As you might imagine, there were a few more options available, but this list is a great start to what is available.

Without going into great depth on each topic you can see there are several different categories and landing pages from Zilflip to Zillionaires. Each one having it's own flare, style and overall sway.

Again, not having contact by undesirables was much appreciated and created a much better experience overall.


Looking Forward

With all of the hype around BTC and ETH at the moment, it seems to be a smart move to keep a sliver of focus on some of the other projects that are out there and what may come of them.

Even with Zilliqa jumping in price by conservatively 5x over the last 6 months, you may be shocked at what this project can actually accomplish once it gains even more attention from larger particpants in the upcoming year.

2021 is looking stronger and stronger for the blockchain community and through Zilliqa's use of sharding for increased and improved scalability, it is a force to reckon with



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