What I am Thinking About in Crypto Today
What I am thinking about in Crypto Today

What I am Thinking About in Crypto Today

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 3 Mar 2021

One of the channels that I really enjoy on Read.cash is the "freewriting" group. Even more exciting is that you can apply this approach to whichever platform you enjoy be it Publish0x, Uptrennd, Lbry.tv (yes you can blog on LBRY) & any of the other platforms.

In the free writing group, I find it very valuable to set a timer for 10 minutes and just write. Minimal editing and quick spell / grammar check, then publish. Not to mention a simple thumbnail to boot. So here we go for today: What I am Thinking About in Crypto Today.


Latest News on Theta

So just recently I saw that Theta Network is adding another enterprise level validator, Sony Europe.

Theta Network already enjoys large enterprise validators like Google, Samsung, Binance, Gumi and Blockchain.com.

On the surface from a strictly business perspective this is good news. Those who know how to operate large enterprises in a multinational setting have skills sets and infrastructure that is ready to scale quickly and rapidly.


Another Perspective

Quite often as I read news like this, I often ask myself the question or at least say something to the effect of;

How does it make sense for a decentralized technology to be picked up by centralized organizations?

On the surface, it doesn't make sense or at least it seems contradictory. Maybe there are some different ways to think about this and look at what is really going on.

One thought is that, maybe the technology is not as decentralized as we truly believe it to be. A dear friend of mine always would talk about those in power, those with resources and those who are often characterized as the "have's".

The "have's" will always have because that is their focus...

While I do not completely subscribe to this line of thinking, I understand and appreciate where it comes from.

Another thought is there could be a true transition of systems and capabilities underway.

It's hard not to have noticed all of the proclaimed censorship over the last year touching many sectors, individuals, professionals, content creators on to an endless list. With that framework in mind, I'm not sure that a true transition is really what is happening, but the final tally remains to be seen.


My Parting 2 TFuel

Whether it's your 2 cents, 2 satoshi or 2 TFuel, we all have an opinion and thought about when it comes to Theta. What I have observed about Theta the last year is the project is incredibly positive and not just in the financial perspective.

The roll out of different features from the mainnet to guardian nodes is steady and making progress. Especially during a time when more and more home set-ups for both work and play are growing and continuously expanding.

For the next 18-36 months I see positive movement, irregardless of what happens on the exchanges or in the overall crypto cycles.

10 minutes is up, until our next freewrite - be blessed!



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