Wednesday's Secret to Your Most Authentic Path Forward in Crypto
Wednesday's Secret to Your Most Authentic Path Forward in Crypto

Wednesday's Secret to Your Most Authentic Path Forward in Crypto

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 15 Jul 2020

I have really struggled with this over time.  Find someone who is doing what you believe to work and model it, or be most authentic to yourself, even if it means having to retread some ground others have been on before? Ultimately I think the answer is in - Wednesday's Secret to Your Most Authentic Path Forward in Crypto. 

Be sure to read all of this article as we dig into two points - Sunny Lenarduzzi and Atomic Wallet.

Have you met Sunny?

While I haven't taken any of her courses or had her company do any work, I watch Sunny Lenarduzzi's videos whenever time permits.  She has a bunch and I am sure to have missed more than a fair share.

I came across this latest video of hers and it was one of those spooky moments where I had to look around and see how she was inside my head? She covers in this video something that I have been thinking, journaling and just spending an immense amount of cognitive hp on to no avail. 

Alas, she sums in up in less than 8 and 1/2 minutes.

Her niche is focusing on people trying to build their own BOSS life, whatever that is for each.


Sounds like most everyone I know.

The work Sunny has put in over 10+ years in building her business and creating her channel is really impressive.  What she has is hers and it all started with a smart phone and a laptop.  I remember seeing her videos where she was finding the best camera lighting by adjusting sitting in front of her window.

She's just cool.


What's the Message?

The point of todays message is be authentic.  It's so freaking simple, yet so monumentally tough.  Why is that?

I might sum up the challenge of something like, we live in an expectant society.  One where futures are predestined by those around us, or at least that is what most of us are programmed to believe.

We can only be as good as our grades or pedigree.  The amount of our net worth is linked directly to your FICO score and average net worth of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Alot of that is very true according to the numbers.  The actuarials are really good at what they do.


Here's the thing...

I say our destiny is rather combinations of the choices we make on personal and spiritual levels.  Whether you believe in Jesus, the Buddha or Allah, at the end of the day we have a wonderful ability to make choices.


How does this relate to the Cryptosphere?

One could argue that everything we do, even that which is not tech related has a nexus to the cryptosphere. While true in many ways, that's not where I am looking right now.

Over a year ago I stumbled across Atomic Wallet and haven't looked back since. After searching across exchanges, individual coin wallets and other quasi custodial and non-custodial options, Atomic Wallet seemed the most authentic to me.

I really appreciated the leadership of the company as well as the service team.  Everyone was down to earth and focused with a bias to action. Basically the team is everything that Sunny was describing in her video.

As far as I know there's no relationship there and I'm not insinuating such.  What I am saying is that good begets good.

Maybe that is something that just aligns well with how I operate or possible it is something I further aspire to be.  Whatever the case may be, I found Atomic Wallet to link well with my 3 tenets of importance:

1. Ease of use

2. Staking opportunities

3. Security focus for the users

There are plenty of articles on the AW website that delves more deeply into the topic if you're interested in learning more.  I know I was certainly sucked in for some extracurricular reading more than a time or two.




Thank you for checking out this article.  There is so much to read and learn, it is never ending - Constant and Continuous Improvement (CCI).

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