Unbanked - How to Talk to Your Kids About Cryptocurrency?
Unbanked - How to Talk to Your Kids About Cryptocurrency?

Unbanked - How to Talk to Your Kids About Cryptocurrency?

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 8 Jul 2020

During father's day, I wrote a quick post with some last minute gifts for the father figure in your cryptoverse:https://www.publish0x.com/bryri-method/for-the-crypto-father-in-your-life-xzyggyg.

At the time, I wanted to dive a little deeper into the topic, but was not quite sure where to go.  First steps are everything.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Crypto

I recently heard two grade schoolers talking about what it was they wanted to be doing.  One kid, who is a boy scout, band member and average graded student said something to the effect that he wanted to go to college and figure it out.

The other said something so simple and elegant.  "I want to rock YouTube!"

It took a minute to sink in and see the difference in what both were saying.  It was as if one was saying I'll be something "when".  The other was saying, I will be something "NOW".

Subtle, yet so profound.  So of course I couldn't help but engage this conversation.  With decades between us, I wanted to see what their level of $ understanding was.  

Basically, it was something to the effect that they wanted to make money so that they could buy S%^t. Alas the journey begins.


What is the Base of Knowledge?

I have a nephew who was completely into building stop motion videos by the time he was 6 or 7.  I figured how hard could it be.  Base of technology understanding being built up right before my eyes.  Let's start there.

No dice.  Crypto?  What's that?  Why would I have that when there are George Washington's?  How am I tracked?  What's my data?  The list of questions that couldn't be answered was endless.

Again, this put me on the path, of how is that we are supposed to help the next generation or two think differently without having to repeat similar lessons that all of us have gone through? What is the proverbial lemonade stand in the crypto space?


My 3 Pillars of Excellence for Talking to Kids About Crypto

The more I am connected and operating in this space, I am further resolute in the fact that youngin's need to be thinking about blockchain in the same way they are thinking about sugared candy, or the latest video game.  It must flow through them like the force.

And not in the way of looking at what all of us are doing?  They have such unjaded views, truly innovative thoughts, that some of the answers to our questions rest with them.  Granted with refinement, but the need to help the developing minds is now.

So, I have  picked out 3 pillars of excellence.  You have to talk to your kids or your friends kids, or just the young ones that are in your life.  The future depends on it.


Technology - 

Not to sound cliche on this, but tech is key.  While striving to have a balance of human interaction and a solid footing in nature, let's get the tech moving in the hands of growing minds. Whether it's video games with coding, or just better understanding their world around them with zoom calls. 

Early adoption means long term results.

Sometimes it feels that is at the detriment of our own progress. Feed someone a fish or teach them to fish... You know the story.


Financial Independence-

How many of you grew up with an allowance, or a set of chores that had a paycheck, or even employment right from the get go?  I bet that covers just about all of us.  Well how do you get someone early on to start thinking about financial independence (realizing that term has a multitude of meanings)?

For starters being open in conversation with your kids is really helpful.  We get the "how much does that cost?" question all the time. Obviously you're not going to share your social security number, but costs of things can and should be discussed.

Next it's really important to have conversation around the WHY when it comes to stuff.  We have all been there before.  We have either wanted or been asked for something and the response is "do you realize the cost"? or some variation of that.

That binary type of response creates different issues with money down the road.  Clear conversations right up front rip out the weeds of money stigmas before they ever become an issue.



Maybe there's a better title for this third pillar, but let me run with it for a bit.  How do you have the conversation with your kids that on the one hand you need to follow the rules, respect your elders, and be courteous, kind and dutiful. Then on the other hand, question everything that you are teaching them to do and be?

Wow that's a handful for sure.  As if the english language isn't hard enough.  Most native speakers don't fully appreciate the differences in words such as To, Too, Two & Tu (yes I realize the 4th is Latin).

My point here is that we all have a code that we live by and most of the issues in life come from conflict with the environment and our own map of the world we live in.  

When I think of this giant hairball of a situation, I try to break it down real simply.  Be good TO those around you; No need for TWO solutions when one works; This applies to everyone, even you TOO.

Et tu my Publish0x friends.


So Where to Now?

There's this thought in my head, of hearing someone like Tony Robbins talk, where he says:  "I will break something down into minutes what has taken others decades to accomplish".

Yes, that is what I will accomplish here.  I am not pretending to have the Panacea of how to check-in with your parenting style, crypto and your kids.  Yet, I believe the topic has to start somewhere.

And as our favorite Last Action Here, Arnold would say;  I'll Be Back.

Stay tuned as I continue to share tips and adventures from the parenting side.



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