Tracking Time to Bolster Success

Tracking Time to Bolster Success

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 4 Jan 2021

The beginning of this year has taken off like many have predicted and expected.  Resting just below the surface is something even more important, especially what you are doing with it. Tracking Time to Bolster Success


Precious and Infinite

As many who have come before us, there is always thought, decree & even conjecture as to what is the true value of our time.  Depending on a personal perspective the measurements we place can be limiting or expanding.

Time can be finite as limited by a linear view of the world or it could be infinite when looking vertical at all dimensions happening simultaneously.

Whatever your personal belief is, I would expect that we would all be in the same realm of agreement that time is a precious commodity.  A precious resource that holds tremendous power and value to us all.

Two platforms in particular have been very helpful in maximizing our top resource.


Let's Have a Look at Your Portfolio

A hand tool which has been part to many a crypto enthusiast toolbox is Blockfolio. You may have seen an earlier article from August covering this tool.

Tracking is Your Time

There's a few updates worthy of mention since that time.


To start if this is your first time coming across Blockfolio it is worth a quick recap.  The platform allows the crypto enthusiast to track the current status of any number of digital assets together in a particular grouping or portfolio.

Multiple portfolios can be tracked simultaneously with just a swipe left or right of the screen on your mobile device.


If you are interested still, these couple updates are sure to pique your interest further.  To start with, the API connectivity between blockfolio and your exchange will allow you to have multiple streams in one place with the added security of a specific API and a connected password.

Second is that preregistration is now open for a new trading experience directly from the platform.  More information is to follow but so far the application looks interesting.

An added bonus to the features in Blockfolio is the Signal feature which allows the user to be served updated information for specific projects.  While it may not catch every single bit news out there, highlights are very helpful.

One of critical comments which this writer has often seen written about Blockfolio is;

Don't put all your eggs in one basket...

The first time, I saw this comment I didn't fully appreciate the gravity of the statement.  The more I have watched the market and regulatory dynamics develop over the last year, I appreciate the sentiment even further.

The impact of using a platform such as Blockfolio may be contrary to the absolute privacy seeking individual, which this writer can appreciate, yet checking balances and movement without the need for wallet access is a secure step.

It goes without saying that once your are in the space; KYC with an exchange or other platform and are involved in the crypto space, you're most likely not increasing the risk profile.  Alas, that's this writer's personal opinion.


No Need to Be a Herpetologist

If you're into gecko's and candies, then is a fantastic choice for you to use daily if necessary.  It's this writer's go-to when current price and volume is needed on either desktop or mobile platforms.

There are plenty of choices from which to gather your data and stay abreast of happenings across the crypto market. Admittedly CoinMarketCap was one of the original sources that was marketed well to the broader audience.

As different needs came up the market responded and Coingecko came to life. If you want to look at some of the more common FAQ topics, be sure to check out the link for the specifics.

The user friendly platform is backed by a technically sound team out of Malaysia and even on their social channels has the feel of just "that person you want to hang out with".

In addition one of the other added nuggets of benefit that comes up is the Candies that are available to you when you use the service.  Basically the Candies are reward points that can be used to receive swag or other discounts on services such as IvanonTech's Academy.

If you check a price, your portfolio or market capitalization on any given day, it's really a straightforward easy-to-do kinda thing by using Coingecko.


Using Time Effectively Moving Forward

We all run the risk of running down different rabbit holes when it comes to procuring and acquiring the data we need to make well informed decisions.

Between Blockfolio and Coingecko, these are two platforms and tools that can be used on a daily basis while not increasing personal risk profiles.  While there is one line of thought about not putting everything into one basket, at the end of the day, nobody is putting anything anywhere.

And if there is nefarious intent, that's beyond the scope of what we are talking about here.

Our time is arguably our most important asset or resource and having the tools to move further faster is incredibly valuable!


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