Thinking about your crypto opportunities. Take care of yourself first! Start with this everyday!
It is really simple and takes such little time!

Thinking about your crypto opportunities. Take care of yourself first! Start with this everyday!

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 20 May 2020

We are all looking for big impact. Most of the time it only takes small adjustments to produce larger results.

It is really simple and takes such little time!

20 Ounces of This Everyday Will Change Your Life for the Better! It seems so simple and straight forward yet begs the reader to learn more? Let me start out with a simple question, because everybody can answer it. What was the first thing that you had this morning for whether you call it breakfast or your first drink or whatever it is, how did you start your day by consuming what.

Your morning routine.

Think about it for a second. What was it? Did you grab a cereal bar or did you pour a bowl of cereal? Did you have a glass of plant based milks or dairy milk? Maybe you had a shot of wheatgrass. Odds are, you did something other than start with a glass of water. And I mean here's a statistic that'll just blow your mind all over the place! Three out of four people are dehydrated right. Three out of every four people!

So, if you are hydrated. That means the next three people you see will be dehydrated, chronically. This means they're not drinking enough water every day they're operating on a negative basis right they may be drinking water but they're drinking enough caffeine to counteract it, they're drinking enough sugary products to counteract it, they're drinking enough, like, think about it. Think about everything you have and how 20 Ounces of This Every Day Will Change Your Life

Micro improvements = Macro results

And so what does that mean like it's one of those things where.
At the end of the day I mean pick your pick your analogy it's like changing the oil on your car if you go if it's supposed to be done every 2000 miles you do it every 5000 miles like you don't maybe notice a little bit every single time but nothing. Nothing huge until all of a sudden there's major issues in a parable from the Bible about the amount of sheep that are grazing on a mountain and and one extra sheep, not noticeable on the day to day but at the end of the season, right there's not enough in everybody falls.

And then pick your pick your poison in life in terms of whatever whatever health ailment there is many many many ailments are linked back to being dehydrated and. And it's sort of shocking right because it's so simple like.
I mean if you're listening to this podcast odds are in a place where you have access to clean drinking water and, and it's there you can either turn on the tap or you've got it in a, in a bottle or you have it in a jug or you have it in a place where it's centrally available whatever it is but it's there.

Who do you listen to?

So why don't we do it? What is it? What is it about being hydrated and having that be the first thing you do in the morning, that is difficult? We are just talking about having a glass of water. Unless you live in a place where it is physically difficult to achieve that result, I am assuming that if you're reading this, you have access to drinking water.

For me personally, one of the things that sort of kicked me over the edge was a book. I read the recent book by Tom Brady, TB12, the recent quarterback for the New England Patriots. He talks about one of the things he does in the morning, his very first thing is he has 20 ounces of water and he puts electrolytes in it, and that's how he starts his day. And I've read it in other places as well. Whether it's athletes, business professionals, or just at home for any reason, a glass of water right out of the gate in the morning is awesome!

People who are just productive and successful or who are operating at a high level of output can benefit and elevate further. It doesn't have to be just physical as you think of an athlete. It could be all sorts of things, because remember your mind is consuming an incredible amount of energy and water. Your brain is consuming an incredible amount of energy in your body somewhere in the neighborhood of 20% - 30% according to numerous sources.

The REASON is simple.

So why not start out the day with a glass of water, period? You know, up until a year or so ago, I was in the same three quarters of the world. I'm betting just like you may be running a little low on your daily dose of water. And I said, you know, I'm making a decision to try this. I'm flat out trying it for a week. I want better health. I want to receive the benefits of more fluid flowing through my body. The reason is simple. Full Life!

First step was, I took out a big 32 oz. mason jar. The more I thought about it I decided to update a couple things. I ended up taking a couple mason jars and putting them in a local place. On the counter was a smart placement because no decisions were needed to dig them out or find them. Just fill and go.

The first day was a little odd because putting a big mason jar full of water in my body straight away just felt different. I squeezed some lemon juice in it all began. Another option I really enjoy and have started to use daily is adding in electrolyte Liquid I.V. There's any number of products on the market but feel the results with Liquid I.V.

Having put the mason jar out the night before makes all the difference to achieving the results I set out for! I also keep saying to myself, 20 ounces of this every day will change your life.

We are all in it for the results

It was noticeable for me by day three. I felt different. I don't know about you but if you ever front load with a couple cups coffee in the morning to get the get the juices rolling, something happens. A bit later, you can feel the feel the energy dip. The next logical choice is to pour some more coffee in and back up again. So the cycle that continuals.

The big difference is that I noticed with the water is, I didn't feel the dip. And then even more astoundingly other results were appearing. After about the first week instead of just craving, three, four or five, six cups of coffee and just guzzling it down. All of a sudden, a cup of coffee, tasted great, but one was enough. Don't get me wrong, it still tasted fantastic, but all of a sudden I was at this point where I was satisfied. I'm good. Then following through on the changes in motion, I actually started craving water every morning.

Results - 20 Ounces of This Every Day Will Change Your Life

So for me the results were noticeable and rapid: better energy, managing cravings and hunger, and even shifts in my weight. I realize that for the reader my results are anecdotal for you. Start looking for others to learn as well. Pick your influencer, pick anybody who's been incredibly successful in areas where they need high amounts of energy output, and you'll find that they're drinking water, and they're drinking a lot of it. I will say it's the secret sauce!

Just check it out! You don't have to take my word for it. It's easy enough for anyone to try and has zero downside to it. Put a glass out the night before and when you meander out of your evening slumber, take the next 7 days and drink a glass of water first. Happy Hydrating!

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