The Zero Hour Workweek in Crypto

The Zero Hour Workweek in Crypto

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 16 Apr 2021

I don't remember how many years back it was when I read Tim Ferriss's book, The 4-Hour Work Week. It was something that completely changed the way I thought about time and looking at how I operated. Fast forward to today and there may be a case for an upgrade: The Zero Hour Workweek in Crypto.


When You Love What You Do

There's nothing more annoying, maddening, frustrating or even downright foolish about making a bad entry on a crypto trade. Here's the thing, when you love what you are doing, the lens you are looking through is completely different.

One may even say that it is not work at all, especially when you love what you are doing.

How many times have you heard that?

Love what you do and never work a day in your life.

Personally I can attest to that sentiment completely. Some of the most grueling and arduous tasks I have ever completed were the most rewarding and didn't even feel like work. We all have in the past or currently still have the experience of trading our time for money.

What does it take to get past that? Maybe it has to do with thinking about the words we use.


Is It Really a Workweek?

First off, I have a couple challenges for you that might be interesting and create results and outcomes that you flat out didn't expect.

Let's start with a little context. Wherever you hang your hat in the world, you most likely have a routine. Activity, necessities and a few other things that will occupy your time. You need to eat, sleep and interact with the world, unless you are super human that is.

I realize there are a vast many of you reading this who are.

Along with all of these routines, I am betting that you have a whole slough of words, phrases and other habits that you don't even realize you do, say or act.

When something is tough, how do you refer to it? Is it a battle? Are you winning a war? Have time to sleep when you're dead?

While many of these colloquial pieces of prose and spoken text are passed down over and over, what we do not realize is the impact it has on our lives.

When we refer to situations as battles, then do you think you subconsciously may always be looking to best, slay or defeat your opponent?

What happens when you turn that battle lingo into a phrase of cocreation? Sounds different right? It feels different too.

So here's my challenge to you;

  • New Diet for 5 days - For the next 5 days, turn off your channels. If you have a TV in the house, keep it off of any network that is feeding you stories. Maybe even remove the apps from your phone or hide them in a folder so you don't see them and are tempted. I promise you, the world won't end in 5 days. If for some reason you have to keep abreast for your current situation then set a timer and schedule a time. 10 minutes with coffee in the morning or something like that should take care of it.

  • 20 ounces of water before anything to start your day. World Class quarterback Tom Brady outlines his morning routine in his TB12 method where he starts with 20-24 ounces of water before his day begins. It's not as tough as you think and the results will be much broader than you think.

  • 3 to Thrive - Everyday, and even when you're drinking your water (for all of you multitaskers) write down 3 bullet statements that you are grateful for. You will find that a big glass of water and your gratitude affirmations in the a.m. will only take a few moments and the results will be that you feel different and start noticing differences around you.

So where is this zero hour work week that I have been talking about? I know, I know, when you read through this there's a little jumping around, but be patient, I have a method to the madness (see there's one of those words). It's not really madness, what I am intending to mean is that the method has intent which is focused on adding value to you.


Putting Everything into Action

I can only speak for myself here, but will make an assumption that you are interested in this too. Having a zero hour workweek is of great interest. In fact, it is the goal and what I strive for everyday.

How do I know that this is in place? Well, I think there are a couple indicators which I had never noticed before. There are moments when the relevance of time drifts away. Now this doesn't mean that there's no schedule or that commitments do not exist.

In fact it is quite the opposite. Structure exists along with a schedule. In addition, what is happening is that the awareness of time is changing dramatically. I know everyone can relate to this at some point in their life. You have watched the clock only to seem that seconds felt like hours and hours were days.

Whether it was school, as youngster with your parents, or in a job that was absolutely abhorrent. Se la vie. We have all been there.

Now I am not suggesting that you go from where you are today to a zero hour work week and sit on the couch with bon bons for days on end. What I am suggesting is that it is possible to massively adjust your focus and awareness around time and space with your place in it.

The three bullets above are just a few of the different ways that you can begin seeding your consciousness with the tools and foundational getty-up (yes that is a technical term) to thrive each and every day.

With all that being said; Live with gratitude, stay hydrated and for goodness sakes stop poisoning your mind with all of the news propaganda that is littering your personal space!

Abundance will abound! Be blessed!


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