The Venmo or Cashapp for Crypto?  Unstoppable Domains

The Venmo or Cashapp for Crypto? Unstoppable Domains

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 18 Aug 2020

This year has been quite an adventure to date and expectations are that it will continue this meteoric path.  Even since the BTC halving event in May of this year, "movement" can be used to describe just about everything.  Now there is something else making a stir, The Venmo or Cashapp for Crypto? Unstoppable Domains.


Is Your Domain Unstoppable?

One of the biggest questions I have been asked, is how do you keep track of all of those wallet addresses?  Everyone has a strategy and more seem to appear daily.  There has to be a path, right?

Earlier this year, I came across Unstoppable Domains and I haven't looked back since. There's still plenty of work to do with the domain, but initially this has been a really smart move.  One that I am starting to see many others take.

At some point, everyone has asked the question, wouldn't I like to have my own domain? or something to that point?  How about your favorite hobby, word or description that you could put a .com behind.

Now that's amazing!

So why not do it with a .crypto or a .zil at the end and gain access to a whole new way of thinking and most importantly, insure that the DNS behind many sites today do not have access to what you are doing and do NOT have the ability to shut you down if someone has an edge of their snowflake melt away.

It's important.  


So what is it about Unstoppable Domains?

There are two main points that should pique your interest about Unstoppable Domains. There's plenty of videos out there to give the ins and outs, but this following video is one that I have found really helpful in explaining UD.  

Now that you're through the video and have an idea about the two main points:  payments and control, let's go a little further.

Recently, I read on a different channel in this thread where one fella was espousing on his interest and excitement of Unstoppable Domains which garnered the response.

If you are in crypto for privacy then why would you ever put your name on a .crypto or .zil, then connect it to your wallets?

It seemed like a great question.  The thing is, it doesn't account for everyone.  I am sure there is someone who is trying to operate in a huge vacuum of complete anonymity. 

If that's you and you're pulling it off, you must be a cool cat. Can you send the designs for your tin foil hat?

The Venmo or Cashapp for Crypto

In all seriousness though, if you are pulling that off, then good for you.  The simple truth is that the vast majority are not. 

No matter where you live, drive, walk, work, interact, exercise, connect, breath air or even stare at the stars, odds are there's a camera on you or some device tracking you.

At best Unstoppable Domains helps with your awareness.  Between payments connected through your .crypto or .zil (yes, I realize that the cashapp has BTC functionality and you can even have a paycheck sent directly), and the ability to use the IPFS (interplanetary file system) to manage your content that you intend to post on your site.  Doesn't it just make sense?

When it comes down to your pro/con list, if privacy is truly at the top of your list, then I am positive the Monero community will absolutely welcome you in.  But even Monero is on the radar too...

The Venmo or Cashapp for Crypto

So what will you do now?  Be sure to check out Unstoppable Domains and see if your domain name is available, even just out of curiosity.  It is a fun exercise that anyone can gain joy from!

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