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By BryRi | BryRi Method | 9 Jun 2020

I Looked and Looked Then Realized There Was Another Option to Connect

The SeconDad Boss Show

How to even start?

When I entered the realm of stepdads, I thought, how tough could it be?  (generous pause for everyone to catch their breath after laughing and shaking their heads...)

So began the search for a community of stepdads who are lifting each other up and helping to elevate each other's situation.  Other than the usual suspects of authors, there wasn't much out there that I could find.

What I did find was that the more stepdads I talked to, the more common this story was.  

I woke up one day and then...

So I woke early one morning in 2018 thinking about this topic over and over.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but hadn't fully accepted what it meant, how I would do it or what was actually involved.  I just decided GO.

Concurrently, I started my blog and published my first podcast episode.  It was terrifying, satisfying and downright curious for me to do it.  I wrote a quick blog article a while back that covered a few nuggets on both about how simple and inexpensive it actually is

What I would say now, is that the difference from this article and where my thinking is now is that I would start writing on Publish0x.

Focus on content wait for the technical

The biggest message I would say to everyone who is even thinking about starting a blog or a podcast is find a free platform to start and work on the mechanics.  Work on your technical capabilities, and I don't mean how to navigate the platform.

If you're a blogger, just write.  Start writing a 1000 word piece everyday.  Don't worry about the graphics or anything else.  Just get in the habit of writing consistently.

If you're looking to podcast, then just talk and record.  Start to refine and "find your voice".  It's an odd saying until you do it a dozen or so times.  Then after 100 or 200 times, you will truly find your voice.

Now you can dig into the technical and other more specific things that go with it.  Find your microphone camera, etc.  But in the beginning, any smartphone will do with the headset that comes with it!

In the Meantime

I've add the links to all of the different platforms where my podcast is hosted.  The exciting part is that I used Anchor.FM and it broadcasts my feed to all of the other platforms.  It's free and really simple. 

Also, I should add that I would be happy to help you if you're looking to start out.  Just send me a quick message in the comments and we can connect.

NOTE: Also, be sure to checkout my exclusive bonus resources page on my blog at

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