The Scoop on Staking Zilliqa in Atomic Wallet
The Scoop on Staking Zilliqa in Atomic Wallet

The Scoop on Staking Zilliqa in Atomic Wallet

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 28 Nov 2020

These days the increased focus & attention on Bitcoin movement towards the previous all time high and beyond can be completely consuming.  It is times exactly like this when it's helpful to hear - The Scoop on Staking Zilliqa in Atomic Wallet. 


Zilliqa Staking

Back in June of this year, Atomic Wallet announced on Medium "are ready to support $ZIL staking as soon as Zilliqa team implements non-custodial delegation, so-called DPoS."

I for one was really excited to see this news as the options of where to stake were not what I had been looking for.  Not sure about most, but I wasn't excited to send $Zil off to a separate platform just for staking.

So when I saw Atomic Wallet was planning to start providing staking for Zilliqa, everything started to line up.


The How To's

Under the Atomic Wallet support pages at there is a great article on staking $Zil.  


The instructions are very straight forward and lead you through all of the steps needed to stake your $Zil.

While the process to stake once you're in Atomic Wallet is very straight forward, it helps to answer a few questions directly.  Most can be found in the Zilliqa FAQ's. Here's a couple that top the list;

Q. What is a minimum staking requirement?  A. 10 $Zil

Q. What is the expected return? A. While the amount is dependent upon total volume staked, the staking calculator is very helpful. 

The Scoop on Staking Zilliqa in Atomic Wallet

Personally, I have experienced the return closer to 20%, which is provided daily.

Also, if you're more interested in the tokenomics behind the staking, the proposal listed on github is really helpful:

...the token holders $ZIL holdings when staked will actually appreciate in value over time.


So Now What?

Atomic Wallet has been doing great in terms of steady growth on the staking in the wallet. Today you can stake from Polkadot to Cardano.  The best returns are with Atomic Wallet Coin where you have 20-23% APR and comes every week.

The Scoop on Staking Zilliqa in Atomic Wallet

The choices we all have in regards to what we get involved with seem to be picking up speed over the last month or two.  Whether it's the normal timeline several months after BTC halving, or due to pandemic issues or even the U.S. election, there's plenty to pay attention to.

Staking of digital assets is something that can be lucrative as well as integral to one's overall strategy.  Now that Zilliqa is available on Atomic Wallet, there's one more opportunity for you to be involved with.


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