The Publisher in You is Trying to Unleash. Brave Browser May be the Key!
The Publisher in Your is Trying to Unleash.  Brave Browser May be the Key!

The Publisher in You is Trying to Unleash. Brave Browser May be the Key!

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 17 Aug 2020

Here's the thing; If you have your own website, YouTube channel, Twitter account, GitHub account, Twitch Channel or Reddit account or a Vimeo channel, then you have an opportunity to operate as a Brave Creator. The Publisher in You is Trying to Unleash. Brave Browser May be the Key!


This part is really simple

"You deserve a better internet."  I actually chuckle when I read that.  Brave is my go to browser hands down and the functionality it provides has been top level for me.

It becomes very interesting when you start looking at the Creator functionality within Brave.  You can check out the link with the image and go to content creators.

The Publisher in Your is Trying to Unleash.  Brave Browser May be the Key!

If you haven't downloaded / installed Brave yet, be sure to do that first (it's from the same page), and then check out the creator signup.

The process is really straight forward and as long as you fit within one of the different groups you will rocket ahead;

  • Twitter account holder
  • Vimeo channel holder
  • YouTube channel holder
  • Reddit Account holder
  • Github Account holder (this one has been added somewhat recently.)
  • You have your own URL such as a blog or other domain that you own. (At this time, I believe this is only for DNS domains.  I am hopeful that Unstoppable Domains will be part of this in the near future).
  • Twitch channel holder

As you can see the options are plentiful.  So if you fall into one of these categories, then read on.  Actually read on either way because the knowledge about to be dropped here will be helpful either way.


I am a fit, now what?

That is great news! When you go through the signup queue, you will feel like you are signing up for just about anything else.  Straight forward and simple.

The one big difference is that when you finally go through the signup process and are logging into your account, the process is just a little different. Instead of a logon / password page.

There will just be a page that has an "Enter Logon Email".  Brave will send you an email with the link to login from.  If you have activated 2FA be sure to have your Google authenticator handy, because that will follow you clicking the link.

Your email will look something like this.

The Publisher in Your is Trying to Unleash.  Brave Browser May be the Key!



I realize this has all been process so far, but the bigger question is Why? Have you noticed that when you visit a site in Brave that the BAT icon in the menu bar either has a check mark next to it or not?

That is telling you if that site is eligible to receive tips in the form of BAT.

WHOA!  You're telling me if I have a Twitter account and I'm a Brave "Creator" that I can earn BAT tips?  YUP!  That's what I'm saying.

You can do that with any of the channels on the bulleted list above.  If you have multiple channels and are active you will see rewards from all of them.  The process is quite lovely.

So it begs the question;  If you create content and are active on any of these channels, then when will you become a Brave Creator?  


In addition

There are some other features that will get you all jazzed up once you get on the inside such as tracking functionality across referrals as well as the ability to build out separate referral codes by channel.

For example, if you haven't downloaded and installed the Brave Browser yet, you can use

It's the link for my personal blog that I have been doing over the last year or so.  I have not reached the point where I am focusing on tips as a separate revenue stream, but a few BAT every month that just show up is a nice ego boost to say the least.

You can and should be doing this too.

Many of the functions within the Brave Creator dashboard are not heavily advertised and you find them just by poking around.  For example, another includes the ability to setup a "tipping" banner that will show up on your channel and gives the ability to set up an "auto-tipping" optin for those who are supporters of your content.

In many ways, it's a fantastic way to support those with your patronage and most of the time there's no direct value coming out of your pocket, unless you define your pocket as the Brave ecosystem before any BAT reaches you personally.

You get what I mean...


The Upside is Big...

and the risk seems negligible at best.  It's another logon for yet another system, but if you're using Brave already, then it's a no-brainer.  Set up as a Creator today.

I saved the best nugget that was a huge surprise even for me when I first started.  If you are already using Brave then you will have your Uphold wallet set up already.  The sync is really simple and then every month to 5 weeks there is an automatic download into your wallet.  

There is no need to claim BAT as you do from the browser. Publishing comes with privileges or at least it's a good line to keep telling yourself!


I hope this article was helpful and gave some insight into the Brave Creator function.  There is plenty to learn, but just having a nugget to move forward is sometimes all that we need.

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