The Presearch Brave Pair
The Presearch Brave Pair

The Presearch Brave Pair

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 22 Aug 2020

Here we are, the 7th of 7 Articles on Brave this week. When I think about one of the best features that I really enjoy with Brave Browser, it is the ability to connect  and search through Presearch.  It has created - The Presearch Brave Pair


An Excellent Combination

I have written a few different articles about Brave over the last week.  The different features and value that Brave Browser is easy to sum up for me;  IT WORKS.

Realizing there are many who have varying opinions from the desktop to mobile version combined with all of the other facets in the browser world, this last week has been very informative in terms of the comments and engagement with others who consume this content.

Ending this week series has been quite the adventure for me personally as well.  It has really made me look at what I find valuable with Brave Browser, beyond just the utility of another browser that aligns with my values.

There is something different in the combination between Brave and Presearch which keeps resonating with me on how the whole picture comes together.


Let's Explain a Little Further

When you look at any other search engine and how it interacts with the browsers there is something afoot.  Chrome / Safari / Mozilla with Bing / DuckDuckGo / Google and now Presearch. 

Between the browsers and search engines on the surface, everything seems interoperable. At least to the first view.  When you dig a little deeper, I suspect there is alot more, but at least from my vantage, I see a couple points and make a few generalizations.

Everything else really seems to be about consuming my data.  My sites, my visits, and just about anything else one could log is being logged.  In general that is fine, if you know about it and continue on.

The thing that Brave has shown me, is just exactly or near exactly the breadth and to what scale this is really occurring.  When you visit a seemingly innocent blog post and there are over 100 ads/trackers and everything else that can be blocked...

To me that was surprising.

It's not all bad.  I have a personal blog and see how the different plugins from wordpress trigger many of these alerts.

The point is, I would rather know about it than not.


Enter Presearch

I don't recall how I exactly stumbled on to Presearch and like most, it was with a healthy bit of skepticism that kept me from full and complete adoption.

What is this search engine and why does it seem to take an extra page to get anything done?  Those were two questions that I asked right away.

Honestly I feel a little silly now for not just dropping everything right away because in my opinion the utility is high and the value to me personally even higher.

So for starters;  WHAT IS PRESEARCH?

Listed right away in the White Paper for Presearch is 3 key value propositions.  While many secondary value props exist these three key overarching carry the load.

The Brave Presearch Pair

Doesn't sound too out in left field?  Who doesn't want control over your data in a decentralized ecosystem that has potential for payment and contribution. 

In my experience using Presearch it is all of that and more.  I find that the utility of the search engine is increasing with every use and then there is cheeky grin I get when I think about supporting a team with a different way of thinking.  A team that is trying to do a social good.


I am sure there could be many and to some this may seem insignificant, but the moment when I realized that Presearch was a contender, was in the moment when I stopped seeing that extra page "pop-up" in the process.

It doesn't seem like much I know, but to me it seemed to signal the integration of working with Brave and the value that comes with this pair.

Don't get me wrong, I have tried to use Presearch on chrome, safari and even in the mobile space and there still is a little to be desired in how that all comes together, but let me just say.  With Brave Browser desktop, it doesn't get any easies.


We can save that for another session, but in short.  The tokens have value and in my opinion there is massive value in staking words.  If you have any thoughts about Google Ad Words before it cost many zero's to do anything, then you will appreciate the value here.

If you are just a user of presearch in your daily activities, you can collect coins in the background as you go about your business.

On the other hand, when you have business to conduct and you need an Ad Words type function to be on your side, so far from what I have seen.  Presearch is the place to be.  It's crazy exciting to see this ability be reborn again.


The Last Thing I'll Touch On

Presearch has come a long way in 2019 and 2020.  Some things feel the same, but in general I say the feel and smoothness that comes with it are a whole lot different now. Everything is so much simpler now in how Brave and Presearch interact with each other.

Hope you give it a try if you haven't to date and if you do, then keep on rockin!


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