The Frequency of Crypto
The Frequency of Crypto

The Frequency of Crypto

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 23 Jan 2021

Look around you and see that everything is moving.  At an atomic level, there is a vibration occurring which creates a frequency.  Like ripples from a stone dropped in the pond it is important to recognize The Frequency of Crypto.


What is all this frequency chat about anyway?

You may have come across discussion around frequency from any number of sources.  Frequency can come up in all types of places;  engineering, athletics and even dance.  It's everywhere.

Most of the time it seems to make the rounds in areas healing, mysticism and other descriptions of the arts. Often linked to emotions, your frequency is often described as "your currency".

The Frequency of Crypto

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You probably already know that the key to spiritual health is raising your vibrations, but did you know that different emotions have different vibrational frequencies? -

We won't look into the reason for that pigeonholing, as frequency is everywhere.  BUT, let's look at that currency bit.  If frequency is your currency, then it is also your crypto frequency.


Generic Examples

The Card Player - Whether you have been part of a game of blackjack, poker, rummy or even just a friendly game of go-fish, you have surely had this happen.  Think back and remember the feeling of playing.  You "knew" that you were winning or that you were losing.

The feeling was permeating every ounce of your being.  You just knew it.  You could feel it.  Better yet, you may have been able to see it. 

We have been conditioned to identify those frequencies (feelings) as luck, the universe or just the will of some unseen force.


Competitive Sports - The first time that Michael Jordan scored more than 50 points in a basketball game was incredible.  Even though it was in 1986, the movement began.  What was really fascinating about the the whole endeavor was that everyone knew that he would score 50 points or more.

The Frequency of Crypto

Even though years earlier Wilt Chamberlain had scored 100 points in a basketball game, it was Michael Jordan that was playing and everyone knew that he would do it.

The point is that everyone from fan, announcer to even competitor was operating in a similar frequency that would propel Michael Jordan into the stratosphere with the +50 point games.


Keep Perspective

It's easy to look at example after example and say, well the person was a great poker player or Michael Jordan spent hours and hours in the gym, which the reason for those successes.

All are completely factual and totally legitimate.  Here's the thing.  I'll give you another example.  Have you ever seen the table of metronomes experiment?

Yes, this digs into the topic of synchronicity, while related brings into the overall topic of frequency.  As you see in the video, after sometime the frequencies align.

The science behind synchronicity is really interesting and you can find more from this harvard review article;

In the article the first 2 factors focus on frequency.  As you can see frequency is extremely important.


Let's Bring it Back to Crypto

Can you sense the energy (aka frequency) around different projects right now?  The two that immediately come to mind are Bitcoin and XRP and for very different reasons as they both show different examples about what is happening right now politically, socially, fiscally, and every other "ly" you can think of.

Bitcoin 2021

Ever since 2017 when BTC took a nose dive from its all time high, the crypto prophets have been talking about what this day would look like.  Max Keiser always has something to say and can connect to what has happened over time;

The point is that today the frequency of those who are supporting BTC and what is happening at a higher energetic level is aligning and becoming synchronized, much like the metronomes.


XRP is different and the same

Unless you have turned the channel or have been living under a rock, then you're aware of the SEC / XRP brouhaha that is taking place before our eyes.  

What is most fascinating about this match-up overall is that the frequency of those different groups is very tightly aligned.  Think of it as differing groups of metronomes.

They are all operating on their own frequencies.  With a change in situation, some of the metronomes have fallen out of synchronicity, but for the most part it appears that much of the original "syncs" have remained the same.

While Ben's tweet may paint the picture of a David and Goliath, I keep look for the stone and sling somewhere in the picture.  Or in other words, what is the trigger that will change the frequency of what is transpiring?


Your Frequency is Your Currency

If you haven't had a chance yet, be sure to take a hot minute and read through the latest article of having a plan.  It highlights some of the lesser academic approaches in how thinking about your plan will support your success;

You frequency truly is your currency.  If you are running around mad and angry at the world, then those you come across will reflect that frequency back to you.  Just the same if you are living in a frequency of vitality, abundance and calm, that will also manifest before you.

At first that may sound completely woo-woo and just off planet in some regards. 

Rather think of it this way; if you understand that you have the choices in front of you and the power inside of you to make your situation better, more successful, more fulfilling and everything else that you are seeking, wouldn't you step toward those outcomes?

Wouldn't you engage and put as much energy, focus and attention to insure your frequency is at that level?  Seems kinda straight forward, no?

So when it comes to crypto, here's 3 tips that will help you no matter what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Specifically what do you want to achieve?  If you can answer this question you will be 33.3% ahead of everyone else that you are interacting with.
  • Specifically, who do you have to be to achieve what you seek? (Describe it in detail, your personality, temperament, work schedule, philanthropic activity.) Now that you have done this, you're another 33.3% in the perpetual direction.
  • Finally, specifically identify how what you achieve and who you become serves others in raising the vibration, frequency, success, happiness, growth, etc. of those around you? Once you pull this off and spend the time and do the work to answer this question you will be at minimum another 33.3% forward on the path.

Your frequency truly is your currency and from constant and continuous work in that direction you will place your self in the position to achieve your success.


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