The 10 Commandments of Crypto Blogging

The 10 Commandments of Crypto Blogging

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 29 Sep 2020

When you start looking at all of the options;  Publish0x, Hive, Medium, or even your own personal url, the options are endless.  Whatever direction you go in and audience you look to connect with, be sure to remember  The 10 Commandments of Crypto Blogging.

For the longest time, I have been itching to start blogging about various topics.  I found every reason possible not to do it.  I would be terrible, no one would like it, etc, etc (they still might, now there's a big difference).   Here's the thing, once I figured out a few key elements, the rest begins to grow and you can shape and mold what you are doing.

The following commandments are a list of key topics that have helped me.  If I can add value to even at least one person with these, then excellent.  Now stretching a little, if you find value and share these with someone who needs to see them, boom.

Let's begin:

1. Remember your "Why"

All too often we see someone who has developed a blog, built an online presence or just is doing something and we think, WOW, that's cool!  It's easy to get sucked into the "chasing shiny objects" routine.

I've been there before.  In fact if someone says they haven't been in that spot before, well they probably lie about other things too.

So it comes down to your WHY.  The reason behind you doing something is paramount to any strategy or set of skills you have.  The person with the biggest reason WHY, will always have more energy, more stamina and more grit. 

There will be low points for sure.  We'll cover that in the 2nd commandment, but for now remember the WHY.

Do you want to help others, are you seeking knowledge, do you like to connect with people or is it that you enjoy the process of creating?  They are all reasons and everyone of ours is totally different! 


2. Send Fear Out to Pasture

I guarantee you that anyone who has ever hit the publish button has experienced a moment.  A moment of fear, self doubt, insecurity or any other low vibrational emotion that you could think of.  

Fear has no place in your life and does not support you.

In fact, the emotion of fear is something that we are programmed with from a very young age.  Don't touch the stove, don't stand on the chair, don't climb the wall... Don't, don't, don't...  

So now you're about to head out and do something a little different than you thought.  Putting your thoughts to work and lighting up your keyboard.  Then that little pesky emotion of fear begins to creep in.

Well here's the deal.  You can sed fear out to pasture and just let it wander but keep it outside the gate.

Did you know that when you spike your fear emotions it suppresses your immune system?  I don't have the exact quote, but it's something like for 10 minutes of that elevated emotion your immune system is lowered for a couple of hours.

It's the same chemical cocktail that you create naturally as when you have an organ transplant to suppress immuno response to the procedure.

Bottom line, Fear needs to head on down the road.


3. Embrace Engagement

You will notice a trend how these all connect together.  Engagement with an audience, readership and yes even trolls can be something that elevates the emotions of even the most calm person.

All it takes is a slight adjustment to reframe a situation and make it work for you.

Uncomfortable with the comment someone just made on your article?  Disagree with someone's tone in the discourse.

If that happens, ask your self this question:

"This is happening FOR me to do ________________?"

Most of the time we ask the question of why is this happening TO me?  Make that slight adjustment and the lenses become a little clearer.  We can see the path ahead instead of the rut of the path we are on.

Engagement in your work is critical.  A pro-tip to start out with is to answer or reply to every single comment.  Even if it is negative.

Take the Guy Kawasaki approach. 1-2-3 and done.  They comment, you respond (1), they continue (2), then if not productive then graciously exit the conversation (3).  Boom, your done.  It's that simple.


4. Do Your Own Research

To me this would seem like common sense, but apparently it happens quite a bit.  It is ok to use work from another source.  The key word is "source".  AND you need to reference that source.

We are all in the same place where someone doesn't want to and in many cases shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel so referencing your source and giving the appropriate credit is appropriate.

I think the challenge with all of the recycled content is that it has the potential of diluting the message.  Have you ever noticed when a hot topic is picked up in the media?

The headlines and first paragraphs are nearly identical.  "According to the Associated Press"...  It shoes up all the time. That is the issue I am referencing and it happens across other mediums as well.

So my point is, take the time to do your own research, even if it is sourcing other material.  Quite often, unseen trends and new insights are captured from comparing and contrasting existing media.

Do Your Own Research, both you and your readership will appreciate it.


5. Pick a Theme

Who said that blogging about cryptocurrency had to be monotonous?  In fact, I find it really exciting.  There are all types of personalities, projects and issues.  Your theme can be yours and yours alone.

Here's the other thing.  Shhhh, this is a big insider secret,  It Can Change.

Maybe you want to write about BTC related issues, or your cup of tea is really focused on development.  All good, it's your show.

You can do other things as well.  You can review products as an individual user or from an analytic lens across different sources.

There's even another theme that I find helpful from time to time.  Considering that quite often readers will wain attention after 1000-1500 words, sometimes it is really valuable to create a series.

Maybe you write reviews on 5 different exchanges across 5 days and on day 6 do a side-by-side comparison.  You could even do a coin a day for 30 days.

I started Journey to 1000x looking at low cap gems that have less than $10 million marketcap with a price under .01 for starters.  It's just a couple articles here and there but it's really helpful when you're in one of those "what should I write about" moods.

One last thing on a theme, is remember that you will put forth exponentially more effort in thinking about a theme than anyone reading your articles.  In fact, readership just wants to consume content, they are hungry for it and you will see what works and doesn't.


6. Be consistent

Your schedule and when you are delivering can be a giant obstacle if you let it.  I find it helpful to write in a journal or daily planner and schedule what I am setting out to achieve.

Maybe it's 1 article a week or 1 a day.  That choice is yours.  My recommendation is that if you go for something big like 1 a day.  Then break it down.

Say to yourself, I'm going to write, edit and publish 1 article a day for 7 days.  At the end of 7 days, then do it again.  You could even push it out to 10 days.

Some of the performance data on habits shows us that after about 10 days we will drift from our original intention.  Therefore, having a 7-10 day plan is really helpful in amplifying your reach, achieving your goals and creating the content you set out to do.


7. Deliver What You Promise

As a content creator, you will be amazed at how your audience begins to expect what you have produced in the past.  If you have a nice monologue in the beginning and you change things up, you will think about it.

On a whim if you want to change your layout, you may be surprised at comments of emotions from readers.  Ultimately our species craves certainty and we are able to add a level of certainty by creating content on a regular basis.

When we "move someone's cheese" by changing what seems to be innocuous in our perspective, it may totally uproot others who have come to rely on your content.

Here's the thing, it's totally your content.  Totally your call and absolutely your prerogative to do what you think is correct and appropriate.  I have found that if you communicate your intention it is met with less resistance and surprised reactions.


8. Add Value

Now let's have some fun.  You have a great reason as to WHY you are doing what you're doing.  You have a schedule in place and you are overall prepared.

Adding value to your readers daily operation is something that will keep you at top of the inbox, searched on the index or even referenced among friends.

Candidly this key commandment took me some time to fully grasp.  I mean, you're writing so you surely are adding value, no?

The reality is that ever reader comes to the page with a different expectation and for the most part you will reach many.  There will be some who are unreachable and that's ok.  

Trying to be all things, to all people, all of the time is something we as humans are guilty of all the time.  So it's ok to have your theme and stick to it.

The fun really starts where you can add value to someone who has read your work.  For example, when I first started, I would always say to myself, if I can help at least 1 person avoid "this mistake", "pitfall" or other issue that I was writing about, then I would view it as a success.

I still keep that mantra and try for more now, but I would say that I have expanded it. Somewhat similar to teaching someone to fish.  If I can help 1 person and they are able to share it with another... Now you're talking about amplifying the message.


9. Solve Problems

How many articles have you seen that start with "How to"?  What are they actually doing?

They are solving problems by answering a question.  This approach may be helpful for you as you continue on your content creation journey.

Take our your journal and write out the questions that you have about things.  What's happening with this project?  Why are they burning coins quarterly?  What's going on with the leadership change?

Those are all problems for which you can spend a little time and find either the whole answer, or even just part of one. Either way, there are infinite questions that need answering and problems that need solving.

You are in a prime position to do both.  Solve problems, add value and helping others will pay it forward as well as back to you countless times over.


10. Have Fun

Remember what I was writing about earlier in regards to stress and immuno response?  Well, the same holds true with fun.  When you are having fun, all sorts of interesting things happen.

Thoughts about time seem to become irrelevant.  You ever have that moment when you're driving in a car and you realize you've just traveled 5, 10 or maybe 15 miles or km with no recollection? You're in the zone.

Your best work is when you're in the zone and having fun.  Having a space that supports your creativity and growth is key.

A life without fun is something.... said by someone.


NOTE: Thanks for following and checking out the 10 commandments of crypto blogging.  I hope at least 1 person has been able to take something and implement it right away to see some level of success.  

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you're doing with content creation or what you are thinking about working on next!  Thanks again!

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