Tezos Tuesday on the Atomic Wallet
Tezos Tuesday on Atomic Wallet

Tezos Tuesday on the Atomic Wallet

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 14 Jul 2020

Admittedly this week has started a little different and now is moving in an adjusted direction.  You may have seen my article from Monday and talking about the staking opportunities on the Atomic Wallet.  That piqued my interest in something else.

Here's the link for the previous article:


As I started to look a little deeper at some of the staking opportunities on Atomic Wallet, it started to make more sense to look a little more in depth at a few of the assets. Alas, here we are: Tezos Tuesday on the Atomic Wallet.


What is Tezos?

There has been quite a bit of hype around XTZ in 2020, but that's not it.  If you look a little further back you can see that the hype started some time ago.  So what is Tezos and why should you care?

If you were to look at the CoinMarketCap write-up on XTZ you will see this -

Tezos Tuesday and the Atomic Wallet

Through my research from this source and several others, I would paraphrase that Tezos aims to address many of the headaches of smart contracting.  

More importantly, the enticing feature is on chain governance where all stake holders have the ability to participate in the governance of the protocol.  Sounds pretty good right?



The Tezos project started sometime in 2011 although the official date is in 2014.  Along with fund raising and other bumps along the way leading up to the ICO, everything about XTZ was very exciting.

One could say there was a bump in the road after the initial coin offering which put a slight delay in the overall implementation of the protocol.  In 2019, I kept hearing that 2020 would be the year of Tezos and all indicators are pointing in that direction.


Staking in Atomic Wallet

Most are aware of Atomic Wallet's trajectory in the decentralized arena, including staking.  What I have found exciting is the consistent growth of digital assets included.

Atomic Wallet has resources to provide the reader quite a few angles of different services in functions. For example, if you needed to check out Tezos overall, the AW blog has this article to get you started. https://atomicwallet.io/what-is-tezos-xtz

After having your fill of the background fodder from inception to legal woes to emerging stronger than initially, XTZ is even more interesting.

After that introduction you inevitably would have questions about staking and what was involved.  Again, with no deficit in educational material, AW has an article to give even more context. https://atomicwallet.io/tezos-staking

From there, the logical question is that to answer the question of HOW.  I found this article to be one of the better descriptions in staking even compared to other assets on other platforms.  It was really help and had the feel of being written by someone who was down to earth and just like who you may expect. https://support.atomicwallet.io/article/128-how-to-stake-xtz



With many questions to answer, this is a start to shed a light on Tezos and some of the staking opportunities in Atomic Wallet.  

Tezos has shown real grit with it's work from 2011 and an official launch in 2014 to current day activities.  If what is happening today is any indication of what the future can hold, I think we will all be able to benefit somehow from XTZ being on scene.





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