Take Back Control of Your Attention on the Go - Brave Mobile
Take Back Control of Your Attention on the Go - Brave Mobile

Take Back Control of Your Attention on the Go - Brave Mobile

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 18 Aug 2020

Thanks for joining another day in this 7-day series focused on Brave Browser.  Today we are looking the mobile functionality of Brave Browser and its ability to - Take Back Control of Your Attention on the Go - Brave Mobile.


Big Value in 2 Parts

There are two pieces to this puzzle and we will tackle them separately and bring it all together at the end if that's ok with you? Let's look into the mobile side of operations and take the second topic in stride to talk about some of the latest developments around BAT and sync chains.

To begin, I'm assuming that if you're looking into mobile that you most likely are running the desktop version.  If by some chance you're not, then be sure to use this link for Brave Browser to get started. 

So when it comes to the mobile version, there are some points worth noting as well as a few of the challenges as well.


The mobile version has all of the functionality that you would expect to see.  It is easy to navigate between tabs.  The tap of the screen ease to lower and raise shields meets expectations.

Layout and design all seem to be in order as well.  When you have multiple tabs for example there is an option to swipe across the menu bar or open a thumbnail view to pick a different page.


Most of the challenges I have found with the the mobile version of Brave, fall into the the second half of today's write up. 

The issues around Sync chains, management of withdrawals, and connection to Uphold seem to be the biggest challenges at the moment.  Albeit, moreso for iOS than for Android with both platforms having functionality changes in recent weeks.


The Second Part

When I first downloaded the Brave mobile app, much of the functionality was still under development so candidly I hadn't tracked some of the features for a while.  In the beginning, it was just as if I had yet another browser with functions TBD.

So here we are today in August 2020 and there are some improvements and some other TBD items.  I'll try to generalize and specify where needed between iOS and Android.

I was really excited for a moment when I tracked down a recent help video that someone had put together to find out it was focused only on Android.  I'll share it here, if it is helpful for you.

iOS is still out of luck for this activity at the time.  There is still time to wait to be able to connect to your uphold account. The crux of the matter is wallet verification.

As you can see in this Brave community chat the verification is only available on desktop for now with iOS. You can check out the image link to see more.

Take back control of your attention on the go.

The other topic that has come up quite a bit over this last year was the issue of using the Sync Chains.  Much like Safari uses with iCloud or the google devices can do, the SyncChain allows multiple devices to be operating synchronized.

I have been looking forward to this feature for sometime.  Most of us in the iOS space have been waiting for the "grayed" out Sync button to appear.  Now that it appears active, it seems that it is not quite ready to go.

In other threads as well I have read that the Android side of the house is off and running but currently iOS Sync is not available due to an AppStore issue being resolved.  We can see from this latest post from Mattches, that there's still some more time needed.

Take back control of your attention on the go.

All in all, I am not too worried about this.  I enjoy using Brave more so than the other browsers and the few times that logon syncs have added a little more time to my day, it's nothing to cry over.

Brave mobile is every bit as functional as the desktop version for what I use it for and it seems that there are some new developments still in motion and expected.

Thumbs up in my book.


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