STOP That Right Now! - Unstoppable Domains is about to show you something different.
Stop That Right Now!

STOP That Right Now! - Unstoppable Domains is about to show you something different.

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 23 Jul 2020

Here's my disclaimer up front:  There is not association, affiliation or any other relationship with Unstoppable Domains.  I see it and think it is an amazing idea.  For that reason: STOP That Right Now! - Unstoppable Domains is about to show you something different.


What are Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is decentralized domain that is running on the Ethereum blockchain.  There is also another option that runs on the Zil protocol as well.  For each, the url ends with either a .crypto or a .zil which is amazing.

Check out the quick 90 second video that gives a quick primer on the service.

From the video as well as other sources it appears there are 3 initial functions that are the main backbone of this movement.

  • payments
  • Interplanetary File System (IPFS) website
  • IPFS chat



On the surface this was a little complex to take in but after thinking about it a couple of times the idea really begins to gel.  There are several benefits that really jump right out on top of the whole mess.

First, in an era where it seems that everything is being censored and deplatformed or deleted and quite possibly erased, now there is a record that is immutable.

Second, the different websites that you can build and urls that are available are like a breath of fresh air to move forward in a sea of chaotic technology storms.

The third benefit is closely related to the first two yet slight different.  The chat function provides another encrypted alternative to many others that are available today.


Who Else is Noticing

This movement has not gone unnoticed.  The Gemini exchange is charging out of the gate to provide a custody service by where they are holding the private keys to the sites. 

According to different articles written it appears they are approaching the entirety of the situation with a long term view.

Another project has also engaged this space in a much different way.  Opera has also been very involved through efforts with work on the Web3 project.  The movement has worked directly with Unstoppable domains, which looks very promising.

Here are 2 articles that are helpful in explaining further.



I hope you have found Unstoppable Domains as exciting as I have.  What browser are you reading this from, Brave Browser I hope?

If you already are that is Fantastic!  Here's 3 reasons you MUST be using Brave Browser desktop or mobile.  I have both!

Stop That Right Now!

It's really very simple.  The look and feel will be familiary, the performance is amazing!  Try it today, here's the Brave page link - Brave Browser.


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BryRi Method
BryRi Method

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