STOP Logging In to Your Crypto Wallet! Time to Replace.
STOP Logging In to Your Crypto Wallet! Time to Replace.

STOP Logging In to Your Crypto Wallet! Time to Replace.

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 18 Sep 2020


This 1 habit change will increase your security ten fold.

Whether you are looking by the minute, day, month or year, every time that you access your digital wallet you are exposing what's inside. STOP Logging In to Your Crypto Wallet!

What is the Alternative?

Until I found this solution, it was a matter of remembering a long and complex password (which I think is absolutely critical) and being uber aware of my surroundings, connections and overall security.

Recently in a peer group we were discussing this very topic and one of my counterparts brought up Blockfolio. I was a little perplexed at first as it just seemed too simple.

It's free. Check your list. Whenever you want. It's really that simple.

The Solution.

While there is a desktop site, the functionality is available to use as an app on your mobile device. Blockfolio is a free service where you add your portfolio and track it in real time.

My initial reaction when I heard this was;


Well, that's great, I put my portfolio in one place so it's less secure.

Wow, was I wrong.


So how is this addressed? Basically, you don't need any information to set up your portfolio. You can download the app from the usual sources and that's all you need. No connection to your wallet, exchange or anything else.

Overall it looks pretty slick.

What Does It Look Like?

You pick out your digital assets from more than several thousand that are listed. Add in your amount and if you want to go as far as add in the trade price do that too.

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This is a very simple decision if you are checking your portfolio on a regular basis. It still comes with questions.

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Questions... Meaning that let's talk about what's really valuable - Your Time! If you are moving in and out of positions daily or are a Uniswap expert that is moving quickly, then this is probably not for you.

Where I see the real value is for the crypto enthusiast who is watching what is happening with their portfolio regularly and only taking action every so often.

In addition there is a communication component.

Blockfolio Signal

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In addition to having a quick view access to the portfolio that you input, there is the Blockfolio Signal. This "first of its kind" communication functionality provides a quick glimpse into blockchain leaders recent and valuable content.


Blockfolio provides an easy and consistent service. While there is another service, Delta, which has a desktop application, the premise is still the same. You add in your own portfolio to track and keep up to date.

The lack of a direct link to wallets or exchanges where you can sync your exact balances is what creates the security feature as well as an element of privacy. (Not that you aren't connected through your app store link).

Hope this has been helpful and if you try it, good times!

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BryRi Method
BryRi Method

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