Signals for Bitcoin Affairs Today

Signals for Bitcoin Affairs Today

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 28 Apr 2021

If you're involved directly or even indirectly with cryptocurrencies these days you have been paying closer attention over the last week or so. After BTC reached yet another all time high a couple weeks ago, there has been a shift which may not be what you think it is. Everyone needs some Signals for Bitcoin Affairs today


Shock to the System

Looking back on the calendar around April 13, 2021 it will be another blip as so many others have been, yet it many ways it marked the true beginning in my opinion of the grand shift we are witnessing.

It wasn't too long before that day when BTC reached that psychological level of $50k. Retail investors began with all of the moon boy you tube personalities, pundits and prognosticators imbuing everyone with the lates predictions and prophecies.

Entertainment was also at a high value as the traditional finance faces talking about BTC is about as entertaining as it gets, especially when they are giving an all-star effort but just plain exhibit a thorough lack of understanding.

As the price of Bitcoin retraced from $64k back down to sub $50 levels albeit briefly, the playing field started to become even more clear.

As the Grayscale's of the world began to sweep up everyone else's fear and panic selling, it was also time for the rest of us to make moves that most have been waiting for over the last several months.


Who Knows What Where How & Why

For anyone who is not steeped in crypto-speak it is so easy to be on the receiving end of Fear Uncertainty & Doubt of epic proportions just by sticking to a similar routine or social media, news sources and any other place of content consumption.

The challenge is that most have no idea what is going on, and to be frank, nor should they. If this is not a full time profession then there is plenty of other focal points for someone's attention.

Personally, I have had enough conversations about "How crazy that Bitcoin is" or "It is so volatile it must be gambling" that it is really apparent the disinformation is quite high among all levels of society.

We could all write novels about all of the theories about central bank digital currencies, who is Satoshi & and what the world of money looks like in the upcoming decade, but something bigger is more important in my opinion.


Breaking Out of the Echo Chamber

We are all guilty of it on some level. As humans we alway seek to find our tribe, don't we? We are always looking for those we find confluence with.

There is definitely value and strength in obtaining confirmations from others. The challenge to overcome is that for something like crypto, the more insular we are, the higher the risk the narrative, use cases, & and overall trajectory of the technology flies way from it's original intent without our support, advocacy and work in perpetuating the understanding around and knowledge of it.

Yes, it is contingent upon all of us to carry this figurative torch forward so as to not have a digital federalized entity usurp the intent of value overall.

In order to do this, I see several important steps that everyone can take today.

  • First, for the content creators of the world, it is important to speak your truth, create your content & and share it beyond your community. Set a target. 1% increase in reach a day or week maybe even the month. The cumulative impact will be so much higher.

  • Second, is being deliberate about content you consume, which will amplify your work in the first bullet. Staying on a steady main stream media reduction diet is a must for starters and then after that being absolutely intentional about your social media. Maybe think about taking a social media app off your device. I know, I know it may sound a little extreme, but you're looking for results right?

  • Third and last on my what you can do today list is to capture your thoughts. There are journals about journaling about journaling so I don't need to go into intense detail about all of the how's and what's which are involved, but what I would like to highlight here is the importance of having your record that you can refer to. One thought about what you can journal about that will add value today and into the future is this: Everyday, write down three bullets that cover your thoughts about crypto. It could be anything from referencing the latest news flash, or something about a particular project. Length does not matter either. A sentence, paragraph or page will all have amazing value anytime today or into the future.


The Signals for Bitcoin Are Everywhere. Do you See Them?

The first time that I ever heard someone talking about the Bitcoin signals it was much simpler than you would think. Entry, Take Profit, Stop Loss and that was about it. Granted I wasn't a trader at that time, so it didn't mean much to me and to be honest it wouldn't do much today either.

The point on signals is something much bigger in my opinion. If the last 18 to 24 months have taught anyone anything is that big change is upon us from healthcare, finances to the family. It is all in the midst of mass transition.

This begs the question, what are the signals for Bitcoin telling us today? I tend to lean toward it being something much bigger than just a decentralized way of doing business. The energetics, social implications, financial transition, and so many other topics are just the beginning.

What you do next is up to you.

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