Satoshi Saturdays with the Kids
Satoshi Saturdays with the Kids

Satoshi Saturdays with the Kids

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 25 Jul 2020

It there's anything about 2020 Q2 & Q3 that are most shocking to me is the ability for the kids to leapfrog their current positions in just about anything.  It has me thinking about our - Satoshi Saturdays with the Kids.


School is out or is it?

I learned an acronym recently and find myself talking about it with the kids quite often.  CNI, which translates to Constant and Never-ending Improvement.  At first it was met with a quizzical look, but then...

One day it just starts to click.  I think it first started to make sense when the younglings reached 2 grades higher in their math studies in just a few months.  Long form, complex equations, liquids and measurements.  

Those were met with, we are not supposed to be doing that until 2 grades from now.  Guess what?  You're doing it now...

Between Zoom calls and Facetime with friends, the time spent on studies (a fraction of physically going to school) has been exponentially productive.  So of course this has led to other conversations.  Invariably the topic of money comes up.


That is Where We Talk Digital

It has taken several conversations and when I say several, I mean a bunch to talk about paper money, gold and ultimately BTC.  I think the gold standard conversation was still the best.

"Why would you want a bar of gold when you could just have the money?", was probably one of the best questions so far.

So moving ahead and looking at digital currency, there's all sorts of approaches.  Look at a digital wallet, check out a different game, see blockchain based video platforms like Bitchute, but oddly enough, what I found piqued the most interest was a faucet.

We all know that in the time trade off, the faucets can be very lucrative, but for the most part, they are a time suck.  What was interesting was to see the reactions to the Captcha and other engagement pieces.  

While Captcha and ridiculous clickbait is not in true form to blockchain, it amplified the interest on the blockchain altogether.


The Conversation Continues

While we haven't taught overnight programmer sensations, I see progress in the understanding that options exist in the world.  As experience, age and education all progress, I am excited to see how they start to put the picture together.

It's tough in some ways. I'm sure the other parents, stepparents, aunts, uncles and family out there can relate.  You want to teach and the challenge is not the WHAT of your teachings, but rather the HOW TO THINK of your teachings.

Trying to impart wisdom and knowledge without having it be a copy and replace action is the art of the strategy of growing leaders.


Satoshi Saturdays

I've read on a couple Reddit threads about the different groups in areas of the country, most urban, that are having meet ups F2F for selling crypto and calling them Satoshi Saturdays.

The lovely thing about the English language is that we have a many meanings for the same phrase dependent on context, tone and causality. 

With that thought in mind, I am finding that Saturdays have lent themselves to being best to talking about Satoshis.  At some point we may develop into more specific topics, Bitcoin breakfast, Atomic Wallet afternoons, or Ethereum Evenings.

For now I'll stick with the whole day to give us options.  How about you?




How is your Satoshi Saturday going?  I've had a few ask me about the different work books that we are using for school progress that is really working well and I wanted to share that info with you. 

Like anything in life, do just a little bit each and everyday and before you know it the achievements begin to add up very quickly.

Puzzle Barons

School Zone

Brain Quest

Most of the grades are just a few dollars each so with multiple kids in different grades, these have been really valuable, educational and the kids seem to really like working through them.  

It highlights the value of Constant and Never Ending Improvement.



Hey there, It's BryRi. Really glad to meet you! People ask, "what do you do BryRi?". I'm Strategist, Builder, Doer; My background is in Forestry, so I know how complex & diverse systems are key to achieving short & long term goals.

BryRi Method
BryRi Method

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