Put Time Back on Your Side with the Brave Browser

Put Time Back on Your Side with the Brave Browser

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 16 Aug 2020

Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Thunderbird, Chrome, & Safari... Whew that's a mouthful and not even complete.  When I think about it, the amount of effort put forward to learn, operate and excel with each platform compounds over time.  AND NOW - Put Time Back on Your Side with the Brave Browser.


7 Days of Brave

There's a ton to be thankful for; 1.26 GB saved on bandwidth, 2.5 hours of attention and over 180k trackers and ads blocked.  WOW, all of that in the last 30 days.

Put Time Back on Your Side with Brave Browser

Now over the next 7 days, I am planning to have an article each day to cover a different issue, opportunity or discussion topic.  Brave Browser is something that has shaken the model and turned it upside down.  Now let's talk about it and dig in a little deeper.

Be on the look out for a range of topics over the next couple days for a few articles such as the ones below, just to name a few.

  • Brave Mobile keeping you on the go.
  • Brave and the Uphold wallet in simple steps to say you even more time.
  • The Basic Attention Token and how you can maximize your earnings


Let's Get to It

Just in case we're literally starting from scratch; What is Brave?

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium web browser. It blocks ads and website trackers, and provides a way for users to send cryptocurrency contributions in the form of Basic Attention Tokens to websites and content creators.  -Wikipedia

I came across Brave a couple years ago when it first came out and it was lovely.  At the time it was still getting up to speed and I absolutely loved the continuity with everything I was doing on Chrome.

Overall it was a breath of fresh air and while most of us were trying to figure out what to do with the Basic Attention Token (BAT).  We will dig into the token on a following article.  For now let's keep it broad.

As of August 15, 2020 there are just over 800k publishers.  This doesn't take into account Brave users.  This is the amount of websites that are operating with Brave as their browser of choice.

Put Time Back on Your Side with Brave Browser

In addition, it is helpful to see that as of July 2020 there are almost 340k BAT addresses.  I suspect the number is much higher of browser downloads, but the 340k is a great indicator.  You can also see from early 2019 that the growth has been steady.  Relationships continue to be developed and the overall movement continues.

Put Time Back on Your Side with Brave Browser


So what's the Big Deal Anyway?

When you look on the Brave Browser page you will see;

Put Time Back on Your Side with Brave Browser

So Brave Browser is a functional browser that doesn't have the big learning curve and addresses the two biggest pieces that typically most browser users would note as a big issues. Movement toward managing your data & privacy plus improvements in efficiency, operation, and web activity.

Seems pretty simple at first glance you would think.  In many ways this upends the very business model that most have grown accustomed to along with the different browser options that have come up along the way.

Yes, this is a big deal, and in my opinion there is opportunity to grab a hold of your data better than in other ways along with capturing your time.


A Couple Nuggets to Think About

Be sure to watch for a follow-on article where I dig into a M.O. that can help you run quick both on the desktop and mobile versions.  Because the first couple run throughs on Brave may give you a question or two, if you haven't heard about it first.

For starters, the quick toggle between shields up and down is your best friend. Once you remember this step, you will fly through every site you are on.

Situated on the menu bar you can't miss it when the shields need some attention.

Put Time Back on Your Side with Brave Browser

You can see what it looks like with the shields up and the shields down with just a quick toggle.  

Put Time Back on Your Side with Brave Browser


Put Time Back on Your Side with Brave Browser

Here's the one thing that I would point out for everyone when you are using this browser. Quite often there are functionalities on different pages from adding your contact information to making a selection from a drop-down menu.  

When the shields are up any number of functions that you would expect to appear will make the page seem like it is hung up.  When in reality, all it takes is to toggle the lion in the address line on or off.  It's really that simple.

I too have been guilty a time or two or wondering what was happening with the page only then to realize that Brave Browser is doing its thing; saving time, protecting data and shielding browsing activity.


It's Easy To Add Brave to Your Repertoire

I would think that many who are reading this are already rocking with Brave Browser.   They are already seeing benefit of using this easy install browser.

If this is something you're interest has been piqued about then you can use the Brave Browser link to go direct to the site and start the download / install.  It's quick and easy and then you start using it right away.

Use this link to download Brave Browser.


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