Presearch Pro Tips That Will Help You Now!

Presearch Pro Tips That Will Help You Now!

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 23 Aug 2020

Recently I published a quick read on the super power that exists when you use Brave Browser and Presearch. It was met with high engagement and I found that to add even more value to everyone who was reading the article, it is time for... Presearch Pro Tips That Will Help You Now!


Gaining Momentum

After crossing 1.1 million downloads at the beginning of 2020 and racking up 10 million visits per month, the trajectory of Presearch is rising.  

What's exciting about this is the different attributes users are bringing forward as well as the value of the platform is creating.  Nothing but room to improve and achieve progress is in front!


What I Have Found So Far

Over the last year I have seen growth and development of several key functions across Presearch.  Following is the list of 3 ProTips that I think will make your experience that much more exciting.


1. Key Word Staking & Free Traffic until January 2021 -  This is potentially massive for anyone who has a blog, an active social channel or just about anything else where you are trying to build a following.  So what does this mean?

You can use your PRE to stake against key words.  You still own your tokens and don't lose them, but for now the biggest and best way to build your traffic is to stake key words. 

This is Google adwords 10 years ago or longer.  


2. Activate & Connect your Portal Account - The interesting thing that I have seen over the last year is the diversification of different features under the same umbrella.  Think of it this way.  When you create a gmail address, aren't you surprised by all of the other places you have to logon to or at least connect through? i.e. Trends, Adwords, YouTube, Google account, etc?

This is very similar.  The Presearch Portal is more focused on being the marketplace for PRE tokens.  I suspect this will take on a role similar to Facebook Ad manager or any of the other social channels where you have a portal that is focused on that side of the channel activities.

Presearch Pro Tips That Will Help You Now!

So all of this to say, that when you set up your Portal, you will connect to your Presearch account.  On the surface it seems a little convoluted, but just set up your Portal and you will see how simple it is.


3. Helping with Breaking Your Google Habit - You can take this one to the finish line because it will work beyond just Presearch.  First let me give a little context.

Have you ever set out to do something?  Made a to-do list? Created a "plan" only to have it sit on the shelf gathering dust?  If you said yes to any one of those things then, here's a carefully crafted skill that you can use anywhere.

I heard one of the top performance coaches in the world even speak on the subject.

If you think about it, there is excitement.  When you talk about it, there's movement.  After you schedule it, IT BECOMES REAL. 

- Tony Robbins

The added carrot in all of this is to allay your expectations and set and SCHEDULE a day and time every week that you will look deeper into your Presearch outcome and metrics.  If you spend hours in front of a screen using the platform, when you have a set time to check-in, then you can celebrate your progress from the week before!

Switch out the word Presearch in that last paragraph with just about anything else you can think of and it will apply.


BONUS: In additon to the 3 ProTips above, I'm dropping an additional bonus tip here. 


Here's the nugget that isn't well advertised other than a few blog posts on Medium or even here on Publish0x.  After you set up your Presearch account with this link: Presearch or if you already have an account.  Head to your profile section then click Homepage Providers;

This is where you will identify who you actually want to do the searching when you enter into the search bar.  Next you will see this;

You have the option to pick what ever source for searching you want.  The index is pretty impressive in terms of how many choices there are.  The top row has the current selections where you can slide them from left to right, etc.  

If you don't see Dsearch then scroll through the list and click on it to move up to the top line.  From there click & hold to slide to the far left into the default position.

Candidly, I toggle back and forth on occasion.  I typically leave it set to Dsearch, but if I have some other work that I know is point specific, I'll take the couple seconds and go in for the switch.

It is those times when I just don’t want to see any ads or distractions.  

See what works for you and try it out!


What Is Next?

Now that you have a couple new nuggets of information that you can use just about anywhere, anytime, I sense a change in your future. If you're using Brave Browser and Presearch it takes only a couple minutes to set it up and then it just runs in the background.

After no time you will won't even recognize how well everything is synced together.  You will be great!


NOTE:  Thanks for taking a moment and check in on this article.  I hope these ProTips are valuable for you and help you better use Presearch and continue supporting blockchain activities in anyway you can.

If you haven't used Presearch yet, I invite you to use my link.  You will receive 25 PRE tokens after 30 days of use (which you won't even realize that much has gone by). I will receive 25 PRE tokens as well.  Win:Win...  We like those partnerships right?

Here's the link if you're interested!  Thanks!

Presearch signup access


Also, here's the link for the Presearch Portal account.  Both link together, yet require separate signups.  Go figure right.  You receive a 10% bonus for using this link.

Presearch Portal access



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