Poised Geometric - Aircoins Reality on the Verge
Poised Geometric - Aircoins Reality on the Verge

Poised Geometric - Aircoins Reality on the Verge

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 3 Jun 2020

UPDATE - AUGMENTED: Aircoins Reality Peers into the Unseen.

Always Learning Always Progressing

Recently, you may have seen my article on Aircoins. I have an update which now I am even more excited than before and am thinking the company is Poised Geometric! The link to the previous article is below:


It has been quite a journey since a few days ago and in short order to boot! In addition to teaching the kids about Augmented Reality and Cryptocurrency, I have been blessed with good conversations with readers of the article.

“All progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

- George Bernard Shaw

There have been 2 key questions that have come up, that have led me to putting fingers to keypad on this update.

How Do You Transfer Out of Your Aircoin Wallet?

This is a key question and candidly an oversight in my first article. I am extremely excited about Aircoins as there has been alot of fun with the kids as well teaching about importance of cryptocurrency. That being said, if you're collecting coins and have no access to them, well then that's sorta nutso...

So after several searching sessions, I have found some information that is quite helpful.

Check out the Aircoins telegram channel and you will see plenty of conversation between Aircoins senior leaders and folks who are playing in regards to their transfer requests. Simple answer is there is a more manual process currently being used.

In reading through the different communications, a "download / transfer form" is being used and everyone is being asked to stay tuned for that notification. Personally, I am good with that. Services that are growing and developing need time.

And at the end of the day if it gets the job done, so be it. Also, I would say a positive at the moment is it keeps you the user focused on just finding coins, having fun and more importantly, staying active!

Poised Geometric

Besides isn't that what were all here for: community and happy life?

Is This Site Shutting Down with only 50k players?

When I first fielded a couple of these questions, I was a little shocked at first thinking that I completely missed something, but upon further reflection I could see how that may be a perspective others may have.

Looking through different reddit communications, I would say this is NOT the case at all.

Here's one Reddit post worthy response from the Aircoins CEO, Emal Safi:

Poised Geometric

Now, not knowing specifically, or what happens behind closed doors, or personally & direct from Aircoins staff or leadership, when I add up all of the facts that I have seen, read and learned about Aircoin, the outlook is positive or better stated - "poised geometric".

Aircoins is Poised Geometric

As we have seen in the last 6 months, anything is possible. We have been witness to a new operating system when it comes to world travel, communication and health on a global scale. For me to say with 100% certainty on anything would be ludicrous.



What I can say is there are a handful of indicators that are incredible when it comes to Aircoins;

  1. Aircoins is self-funded - According to the CEO, Aircoins is self-funded and before I knew that, my experience with the app was that it was very simple, friendly and didn't feel like I was being sold on anything. With funding, the operations can scale at some point definitely. Having a great experience first means everything!
  2. ~50,000 players - I completely understand how this may lead a user to be skeptical in a certain view. Having been involved in a global mobile game development activity with hundreds of thousands of users that plateaued, I could understand the sentiment, but not here. Think about what we see today - an Instagram Influencer with 5% of that following creates millions of dollars in revenue. Other platforms have similar stories. 50k players is the springboard. Remember my other article A Mile in a While - Inch in a Pinch? Moral of the story - persistence, persistence, persistence.
  3. Communication and Engagement - I have seen communications from the Airdrops CEO, COO and a couple of the other staff on the different social channels. Realizing that some expect the pedestal approach where the higher ups sit perched and gazing from above, it seems to me there is engagement and belief in what they are doing. That is important in any scenario.
  4. Development - Something around 12 months ago partnering with Dash, recent news about Ghost as well as including other altcoins in the mix such as XLM, it seems there is the slow and steady approach to building a platform that is functional as well as "appropriate" ( I realize appropriate may take on a different meaning for you, but work with me on this eh.)

My 2 Cents

I'm sure there are other more mainstream indicators that would line up with a MBA analysis. For now, I'm just adding my 2 cents as a user that sees something which is valuable.

There have been hours of enjoyment with the kids on learning about AR. Also we are beginning to set the understanding about digital currency. From what I see with the kids' school, most 2nd and 3rd graders don't have a clue about cryptocurrency. And we all know that's because the parents. So trying to do my part here sharing knowledge.

Also, when I look at the maps of aircoins available in different areas, I am quite surprised. The variety of what is available and where is great. Different posts and videos on Rebuzz or other social media channels of folks pairing to head out on the hunt. For my family, just going out for a leisurely walk has been great with the addition of an Aircoin hunt. Good times for all!

So my overall assessment still stands true! Aircoins is a big thumbs up and definitely Poised Geometric!

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