Journey to 1000x - Vol 4
Journey to 1000x - Vol. 4

Journey to 1000x - Vol 4

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 4 Sep 2020

The last time you indulged in something and it had a poor outcome, then you did it again.  Why was that? I feel the same way about Stellar Lumens.  Journey to 1000x - Vol. 4


An Affair to Remember

I remember when XLM first came out.  It was several years ago and I had just learned about Coinbase and saw the "earn" opportunities in watching videos about the project.

It was completely captivating and I thought it would be revolutionary and change the world. THEN... It was a crypto winter...

Journey to 1000x - Vol. 4

I think XLM takes the prize for the most rookie moves by investors. Lack of patience withstanding, although it was most likely the least costly. At the time when it was just a few pennies, costly moves did not exacerbate foolish actions. Sound familiar? 

If you said no, then you lie about other things too.


So Here We Are Today

There is movement afoot across multiple channels and it seems that XLM is laying in wait, ready to burst through whatever is holding it back so far.  

While it is slightly higher in the price and market cap than what I originally set out for the Journey to 1000x, I expected a few anomalies to be added to the group.  So let's take another look at XLM shall we.


What is the Story?

Stellar has been around long enough now and grown enough in size that we could rehash the orignial white paper, but when something has been around long enough to even change their logo, well we probably should dwell there.

In general the original issue the project was looking at focused on the gaps between payments systems all over the world.  The project would address 4 key remedies;

  • Decentralized control.  Anyone is able to participate and no central authority dictates who approval is required for consensus.
  • Low latency. In practice, nodes can reach consensus at timescales humans expect for web or payment transactions - i.e. a few seconds at most.
  • Flexible trust.  users have the freedom to trust any combination of parties they see fit.  For example, a small non-profit may play a key role in keeping much larger institutions honest..
  • Asymptotic security.  Safety rests on digital signatures and hash families whose parameters can realistically be tuned to protect against adversaries with unimaginably vast computing power.

Sounds great right?

With over 285,000 followers on Twitter as well as other channels, I think that Stellar has gained enough traction and momentum around building a community that we can move beyond the initial project focus areas and talk turkey about other factors, right?

  Journey to 1000x - Vol. 1


So What's Been Happening Over the Last Couple Years?

What's that saying about a picture is worth...?

Journey to 1000x - Vol. 4

Big Boom! Followed by that giant sledding hill in the winter we talked about in Vol. 3.  What's really interesting especially during times such as now with high fees, etc is that there is only a slight up tick.

For example when compared across other protocols:

Journey to 1000x - Vol. 4

The speed of the network still appears to live up to what was projected and promised in the beginning. Decentralized and quick.  We like that...


What does going forward look like?

By all outside indicators, the project, well let's call it the company now... is looking like they are busy, productive and growing.  There's a list of job opportunities on their site; Journey to 1000x - Vol. 4

and their twitter feed is as active with constant content as any other project you would imagine.

Without doing a single scope investigation on all of the leadership, from the surface everything seems to be in order.  

But in looking at price analysis and predictions from a plethora of sources it seems that there is some positive looks at the coin.

From Stormgains;

Journey to 1000x - Vol. 4 goes a little farther to lengthen the price prediction across a couple of years, yet leaves the teaser of whether 2020 is the year for Stellar to blast off? Journey to 1000x - Vol. 4

If their down to the month projections are that good, then let's forget everything else... (yeah right!)

Now predictions and how the analysts look at things are just that; how they look at things.  But if even a fraction of what they are talking about with this projection is correct, then hold on.

Journey to 1000x - Vol. 4

The bulls seem to be circling and lining up again.  So the predictions seem to line up anywhere from ATH levels to an obscene level of $22.  Where ever the top position may be, it seems most are in agreement that movement is yet to come.

What say you in all of this?




NOTE: Thanks for reading this latest article on Publish0x.  Hope there was something about Stellar that was valuable for you.  

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Disclaimer: Remember, this is not financial advice and I am not your advisor.  Do Your Own Research.


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