Isn't It Time You Stopped Struggling With Which Wallet To Use?
Isn't It Time You Stopped Struggling With Which Wallet To Use?

Isn't It Time You Stopped Struggling With Which Wallet To Use?

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 1 Aug 2020

Recently I have been reading the different discussions about available wallets.  Obviously there are some choices where it is a singular wallet available for a coin or token.  Also the debate continues about adoption with centralized platforms compared with the utility and security of decentralized options.  Isn't It Time You Stopped Struggling With Which Wallet To Use?


The Questions We Keep Asking Ourselves...

We all have these running lists of questions that we keep asking ourselves.  Sometimes they continue running in our subconscious and drive quite a bit of what we do.  For example, I recently wrote an article about What To Do With Publish0x Tips? 

I covered a few strategies that can be adopted and adjusted.  The comments are equally valuable in providing different perspectives and strategies as well.

The article provides a answer to one question.  I am sure that like you, the list of questions can be quite exhausting if you let it.  Here's a couple that occupy my space most of the time:

  • Am I going to wake up one day with everything gone? (and I don't mean markets crashing)
  • Can I access the highest amount of the projects that I am following?
  • Is there some kind of exchange function?
  • What other benefits exist (exchange, cards, community)?

I find that many of these questions are lurking below the surface of whatever I am looking at or reading about.  On top of it, it seems the list of wallets continues to grow at a massive pace.

Even take one of the latest topics written about here on @Publish0x.  Banano has been doing some great marketing and seems to be a solid project.  Yet another wallet, addresses and keys to add to the mix.  

They all have to start somewhere.


The Makings of Productive Decisions

Understanding the questions are our first steps in making productive decisions or easier stated:

cutting through the nonsense to find the path.

For each person this is an individual journey, yet the power of modeling what others have done is incredibly valuable.  I think the challenge then rests of the intentions of whom you may find that you're trying to model.

Are they authentic, in it for strictly $, or is there a bigger purpose that is being served.  For example,

I end my articles with a "note" section where my intent is to add something of value.

Sometimes it is a link to another article or today you will see it is 3 referral links to the wallets that I use. I think they are productive when used in accordance to your own personal plan.  They work for me.  

From my experience I have always listened to others' experiences to see what is working and what is not.

Take the good... leave the rest!


I know that I sure struggled a bit trying to figure out answers to these questions and many more.  If I can help at least 1 person work through theirs, then we are off to the races!



NOTE: When it comes to finding different wallets, there is only so much one can spend time on and look into.  Here are the three wallets that are the most productive and meet the needs of what I look to do. 

Atomic Wallet


The combination of fees, exchanges, cards and pace of execution is solid.  Security requirements go without saying, but warrants highlighting.

These work for me.  Take a look and if they add value for you that's great.  Be sure to Do Your Own Research too!





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