Intel You Should Know About XinFin
Intel You Should Know About XinFin

Intel You Should Know About XinFin

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 21 Oct 2020

This was a struggle.  A project that could easily fit under two of my article themes:  Journey to 1000x or probably even better now, Intel You Should Know About XinFin.


What Do Singapore & Africa Have in Common?

Well some might answer that question by saying that it will be the true source of digital copper.  After the last two articles on what may well be the next digital Gold and digital Silver, it seems appropriate to continue through the periodic table.

The project XinFin with both its XDC coin and XDCe (ERC20) token is poised to step the complex realm of finance with attempting to solve a problem;  How to bring more investment to business during a time of increased fiscal restraint.

In their words:

XinFin has leveraged the power of blockchain technology as a tool to create the next generation of money and finance.

Check out the quick video below that talks about the differences between XDC and XDCe.

Intel You Should Know About XDC

So what does Singapore and Africa have in common?  Among several topics is one in particular: XinFin is "focusing more on APAC, Africa and other countries where access to low cost capital is usually a challenge."


What About Digital Copper?

While we can go in depth about what will happen on the world stage in regards to an expectation by many of a reset to a gold standard or other precious metal, the connection with is a start at least in terms of nomenclature.

One of the challenges I have seen across different regions of the world is the banking paradigm, or relationships that have been installed.  Whether through development initiatives, personal connections or geopolitical activities the power of the connections seems to be a common thread.

For example; in July of this year, Andre Casterman, came on board as an advisor for XinFin.  With an already high level cast of leaders including the likes of Roger Vers and several others, it is important to recognize what this means.

First of all let's look at where AC was previously. Prior, Casterman was the Head of SWIFT Corporate & Trade.  This is key because in order to engage a current system or design and execute anything next generation, you need to have someone who understands the field.

At a recent World of Open Account, he was quote as saying:

“ SME financing remains a huge opportunity for alternative lenders, incumbents. The availability of advanced technology with progressive regulatory action offers new business opportunities for SME-focused lenders. The XinFin digital asset infrastructure is designed to be regulated under community-driven governance models and through regulated institutions, “

This statement is quite profound. If an exSWIFT leader is recognizing as well as endorsing the change in environment, I take that to mean that is a current shift underway.


Pragmatism and Opportunity

When it comes to being pragmatic about any project there are several areas that need a critical eye:  access, value, utility.

If you took 2 minutes to check out the video above, you may have noticed in the comments some similar threads.  Such as, how can you grow if you're not on a big exchange?  How do XDC and XDCe relate to each other.

Those and the others dovetail nicely into what you're critical eye may tune into when looking at XinFin.

For example, right now XDC is only available to hold in the XDC wallet or the XimPay wallet.  Mobile versions are Google only, while the ERC-20 token is available across a more available array of sources.

Intel You Should Know About XDC

As for exchanges, there are just a handful, otherwise it is to the decentralized platforms we go.  Also it is worth noting that as of time of writing the use of Alphaex is the only place according to XinFin where you can swap XDC and XDCe with a 1:1 rate.  

I have not looked any further into that specific note about Alphaex, but it seems credible.  What I do know about Alphaex is that they are an exchange that does not operate with fiat.  Crypto in and Crypto out is the modus operandi.

At time of writing according to Coingecko XDC is trading at $.005.  You can see a slight bump over the last 30 days;

Intel You Should Know About XDC

and there has been an ATH of just over a penny several years ago.



At the end of the day XinFin appears to be poised with relationships, utility and overall place in the world to take on a significant role in the global finance space.

It is exciting to see projects that are looking to solve problems and start out their white papers, websites and FAQ's with that content.

Ultimately that is what we are all looking to do;  solve a problem, add value, and create a better space altogether.





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