Intel You Should Know About Stellar
Intel You Should Know About Stellar

Intel You Should Know About Stellar

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 20 Oct 2020

Yes, it's the original logo and there is a new one.  I just like this one better.  The reason for the change and a few other things are the Intel You Should Know About Stellar.


Stellar Organization

Let's jump right to that first point as I am sure a few XLM supporters are possibly ruffled over the rocket ship.


Stellar did in fact change their logo in March of 2019.  Both logos are emblematic of the organization's ascent into the cryptosphere.  The rocketship was the initial blastoff and displayed quick altitude gain with a show of sizable movement.

Now in today's world as Stellar begins to align into a position of what I have heard referred to as the next Digital Silver behind XRP, there's more to the story.

The new (relative term, I know) logo has several key points for everyone to keep in mind, especially since it has been over a year since the change.  Looking at it now even solidifies them further.

First is the vision of having Stellar become one of the monetary authorities in the world.  What do you think;  Rocketship or something like the current logo?  Which do you see most fitting on a digital coin?  Me too, although the Rocket still resonates.


An Open Network for Storage & Movement

If you have ever tried to send money across borders, accessed your own bank account or tried to buy something, I suspect you have run into any of a number of hurdles.  None of which are absolutely debilitating, but they sure take more time and in many instances far more money in excess than you would expect.

That's where Stellar comes in.

Intel You Should Know About Stellar


You may have read my write-up on what I think will be the next digital gold in Ripple, and see some of the same issues.  In many areas they are exactly the same.  Time, speed, value and trust (or trustless dependent on perspective) are all there.

Here's the thing with Stellar.  When you look at their mission it resonates with me in terms of providing a type of "banking" access to those otherwise not able to engage.  Verbatim from the white paper about the consensus model;

...we need financial infrastructure that supports the kind of organic growth and innovation we’ve seen from the Internet, yet still ensures the integrity of financial transactions. Historically, we have relied on high barriers to entry to ensure integrity. We trust established financial institutions and do our best to regulate them. But this exclusivity conflicts with the goal of organic growth.

Growth demands new, innovative participants, who may possess only modest financial and computing resources. We need a worldwide financial network open to anyone, so that new organizations can join and extend financial access to unserved communities.

The challenge for such a network is ensuring participants record transactions correctly. With a low barrier to entry, users won’t trust providers to police themselves. With worldwide reach, providers won’t all trust a single entity to operate the network.

A compelling alternative is a decentralized system in which participants together ensure integrity by agreeing on the validity of one another’s transactions. Such agreement hinges on a mechanism for worldwide consensus...

This sounds a little different to me than what is coming from Ripple.  XRP really seems to be the "blue chip" banking coin, aka digital gold.

Yet when we look at Stellar we can see that this is bigger and broader.  I also think this is much more complex than just a quality v. quantity conversation as well.  Depending on where you live in the world our views on access to capital can be quite opposed.

Between Ripple and Stellar I think there's a critical mass of coverage.


This All Sounds Familiar, What's Up?

The first time I found out about Stellar was several years ago when a friend sent me the link to the Coinbase learn videos.  I kept thinking that it all sounded too familiar.  Was this a BTC, BCH relationship I witnessed unfolding, or what gives?

What I came to learn was that the dynamic duo in Ripple had a split and once ally became overnight competitor.  I'm sure you'll look and find all the gory details about who said what and how it all went down.  From my research it was pretty simple.  XLM leader (Ripple main developer at that time) gives the board a him or I ultimatum.

Board went with Chris Larsen and here with are today.

That's business right?  In some ways, I would say the world is a better place for it.  You have differences in ideologies taking place through similarities in technology.

Stellar has partnered at some levels with IBM blockchain development and Ripple has been expanding network and communities.

Ripple comes across as more of the blue chip, yet Stellar is partnered with the "original" blue chip... Go figure that one out.


Winding Down 2020, where to next?

The zig-zag motion of Stellar and Ripple has me continue to think that these are the answer to the BTC / BCH dilemma that comes up quite often.  There may even be a better comparison, but I find this is something that everyone can relate to on at least some level.

With 2020 being a cluster in many ways;  Travel industry has been decimated,  Food and Beverage Industry is on the precipice of catastrophy, and for those unwilling to change life is inextricably altered forever.

That all being said, in my opinion, Change Favors the Prepared. 

In my opinion, Stellar is one of those projects that has not let more than a speed bump appear in its 2020 timeline of activities.  Recognizing the opportunity, Stellar will be able to leverage mass change across the globe.

It's already doing it.  You can tell by how Denelle Dixon, Stellar's CEO, is connecting in all of the important places. 

For example, recently she was live with the International Monetary Fund.

In my experience these engagements and opportunities to speak don't happen "just because".  There is more to it.  The relationships are set, work is in motion, and we will be seeing more from Stellar than is advertised right now.  

Get ready!  It will be Great!

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