How is your BAT search with Brave Browser?
How is your BAT search with Brave Browser?

How is your BAT search with Brave Browser?

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 20 Aug 2020

Typically I steer clear of price predictions and have no intention of doing anything different here. -  How is your BAT search with Brave Browser?


This Could Be Helpful

Unless you live under a rock, well under a rock without wifi, it's hard to steer clear of the multitudes of channels, price predictions, potential scams, would be scams and full on b.s. shenanigans that exist in the digital space.

With that being said, I found the quick analysis of the BAT token price in this video below helpful.  Notice, I didn't say utility of the token, usability, or even other than $$$ value, just price.

Listening to the description about the support and resistance levels was interesting for sure.  From that, all I can say is the rest of 2020 will be interesting.


Basic Attention Token Utility

From what I have seen so far with BAT, it really strikes a chord in regards to recognizing content creators.  In addition incentivizing value for the user is another element that is really spot on.

Candidly my attention... of the attention token has ebb'd and flow'd over the last year. It didn't strike me as a moon coin but rather a token of value that would further improve the browser use, capability and utility.

Isn't that what the initial intent of all these tokens is for anyway?

Although, I suspect that someone like Gary V would talk about BAT being priceless, therefore throwing the whole price conversation out the window. How is your BAT search with Brave Browser?


What to do?

So in this time where everyone is overtly or covertly looking for the next 100x or even 1000x opportunity, what is the name of the game when it comes to BAT? I bet you have a few ides.

Here are a couple points that always seem to bubble up to the top of my list;

1. Use the token for what it was created for; tip content creators and sites you visit.

2. Focus on the value, not the price.

3. Recognize where your attention is.  Just like that quote from Tony Robbins:

Where focus goes, Energy Flows

Then you can do something about it.


NOTE: Thanks for taking a moment to check out this article.  This is number 6 of 7 articles on BAT that has been put together for this week.  You can always find them on Publish0x or even linked through Twitter as well.


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