Excitement, Growth & Opportunity - Rapids Network

Excitement, Growth & Opportunity - Rapids Network

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 18 Sep 2020

Do you remember the first time you heard of PayPal?  How about Apple Pay?  Finally there is something which is starting to turn heads, maybe even set them on fire. Excitement, Growth & Opportunity - Rapids Network

Rapids Network & Progress

Earlier this year I came across the Rapids Network and was intrigued.  Payments of social networks powered by blockchain.  Lightning fast.  Simple...

What more could you want right?

Then I decided to look a little deeper and write a quick overview. 

Journey to 1000x - Vol. 1

That was just the first step.  As with any project there is plenty to learn, understand, breath and embody.  The same holds true with Rapids Network too.

Over the last month or two, there has been some really interesting news, activities as well as a few plans starting to take place.

For starters Burnley Football Club is hanging a banner to show Rapids Network.

Now when you're in a place where you see something like this hanging, what do you think?  There's a level of acceptance.  There's an air of "hey what is that"?  In my opinion it builds momentum.

Now let's look at some of the scoring socially.

So what is Lunar crush? It's a great tool to track social indicators for cryptocurrencies.  As you can see the rankings are better than just normal along with a slight uptrend in value.

Journey to 1000x - Vol. 1

More specifically the overall the Altrank is in the near top 10%.

Then in terms to the Galaxy score RPD is in the near top third.

On the surface, all of this looks promising.  Positive scores plus a growing social presence.  Pretty good combination so far.


One More Thing

Now this is where it gets interesting.  There's 2 weeks to go and at the end of the month, Rapids Network is burning 5 billion RPD.

This is exciting to see this type of activity.  Since Rapids Network has been around for a couple years now it's great to be in the position to adjust supply to address the current movement.

ALSO, there is an expectation for a news release this weekend of an exchange listing!

So with everything going on, things are looking positive.

Be on the look out for more updates on Rapids Network.



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