Emergency! You need to KEEP your wits about you now!

Emergency! You need to KEEP your wits about you now!

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 10 Sep 2020

The sentiment over the last couple weeks has been a sight to behold.  Many a quizzical look has been given, especially in the numerous buy high and sell low actions. Emergency! You need to KEEP your wits about you now!


Realize It Is Easy

There is something going on in each one of you right now.  Your limbic brain, the lizard brain, your fight or flight response is at work all the time.  You are trying to keep you safe.  And unless you make a habit of jogging down the center line of oncoming traffic at rush hour, you will be fine.

So there's two things that are top of mind.  First is really simple.  DO NOT LET THE FOMO take over.  It is so simple to let it happen if you're not mindful.  For example;

I wrote an article just a bit ago about an interesting prospect I came across;

Journey to 1000x - Vol. 5

It really had the look of being at or almost near bottom of the downtrend movements. In just a day it turned around 15%.  By crypto standards that isn't massive, but when you still see other projects crashing and burning, one might think it is time for a shuffle.


The Virtue We All Possess

Patience is the name of the game in long positions.  Especially during a time like right now.  Just because someone is ranting on twitter about BTC being on its way to zero with a stop at 8k, doesn't mean that is what will happen.

Remember everything is cyclical.  These cycles will go up and down and up and down... over and over... repeat.  I've been on this earth long enough now to have lived through these cycles.  EVERY SINGLE TIME we hear the same thing.

  • It's never been like this before.
  • This is something new.
  • The world will never be the same.

Guess what?  Those are ALL TRUE! 

Go to the beach sometime and see if the same grain of sand ends up in the same spot again...

The point is that change is progress and progress is where we grow, develop and evolve.

So, what I am trying to say here, is that unless you have specific information that would lead you to exit a long position in a downturn, just riding the upside and using a Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA) approach will yield exponential results on the other side.

Now the Second Topic is a little more intense.  It has to do with your emotions.  

Fortunate for you, ABSOLUTE CONTROL of your emotions is yours and yours alone.

Now this isn't just here's your emotions and deal with it. Rather, this is how your emotions are energy.  You are energy and your situation is energy.  When you're in sync just like the circuits in your home the switch can easily be flipped on and OFF.

Sparks happen when there is grounding or a break in the circuit.  Same thing happens when your Thoughts are out of sync with your Emotions. Sparks occur and you miss the forest for the trees.

BTC drops to 10k or even 9.5 and the world seems to be ending...  When in reality everything is readying up to turn on the booster jets.

Listen to this quick clip from a conversation with Brian Rose the host of LondonReal and Jim Kwik on how to master your memory, WHICH does have direct connection to your emotions and your energy.


What Actions Will You Take?

If you have been around my work long enough, I am sure you have heard me quote the titan of mentoring and self development but now one of his sayings is more apropos than ever.

Never leave the scene of a decision without making a commitment to guarantee fulfillment.

-Tony Robbins

 You will have the opportunity to make a decision about how you handle the current situation.  Commit to what you will do, make the decision and guarantee your success on the other side.


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