Crypto Cold Turkey
Crypto Cold Turkey

Crypto Cold Turkey

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 10 Jun 2020

What's the Best Glidepath to Finding Your Flow? This Article May Help.


If you look very closely at what is happening around you right now, you may see opportunity.  Sometimes it means taking a breath and being calm for a moment to let things appear, but they are there. 

Opportunity is abundant. Whether you are looking to go Crypto Cold Turkey or transition in with every other facet of your life, the choice is present.

Now before you go off and say, yeah BryRi that's a bunch of woo-woo nonsense, take a deep breath.  Let's look, here's where I'm going with it.

I've been seeing, reading and hearing all about the next wave of folks who are living in the Unbanked zone.  They are making decisions and living life in a way that is consistent with an article I wrote recently about being Banked or Unbanked.  The decisions are just one part of the opportunity ladder.

To get to that next reality, phase of life, or state of being you are searching for, first it seems prudent to understand and experience some of the parallels that exist overall. To be more specific, I see the time of main stream social media dwindling and the rise of blockchain enabled connectivity as the path forward.


Everyone knows who Superman is right?  If you remember the cartoon from some time ago where there was Superman in bizarro world.  Looking through the other side of the glass? 

Remember that, it's as if someone was looking through the outside of the window yet still saw outside but everything was backwards.  Good was Bad, Bad was Good, and you put Wheaties on your milk instead of milk on your Wheaties.

What are Wheaties?  Yeah, I know that might be a stretch.

So the point being, that the parallels are growing in number, size and strength.  It could be because of a burgeoning population or a more strengthened collective consciousness, or just plain coincidence (also called grace).  Whatever the reason, it's helpful to take a look.


At a certain point, you make a decision and move forward.  You can only analyze and do so much due diligence on a consumer product.  For example.  Let's take Amazon Prime Music.

You receive it free for 30 days and it can play from any device that has a either an app or browser interface.  For our family it's great for the kids and the adults alike.  A little bit of something for everyone. 

I keep searching for a blockchain based music subscription service. Whether it's Choon, Resonate or one of the other up and coming services, it begs the question. 

Do you go cold turkey or transition.  There is a short term and long term need.  Can you work with both to maximize what you need?

I say yes. 


I don't know about you, but a movie is something that can capture my attention for days and days and days.  Ever since I was a young buck and I saw my very first episode of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and even Ghostbusters, I was hooked.

It didn't matter if I was dragging tired, or completely juiced on life, there is something about a movie that is incredibly exciting!

So here's another one of those free for 30 days opportunities.  Amazon Prime Movies has been a divine gift in many regards. 

I haven't seen anything that stands out on the blockchain driven movie serving side of things, although Brave Browser looks very promising with some of the social chatter about providing YouTube type services "soon".


One of the things that I have absolutely been astounded with over the last year and especially during early 2020 with most people spending more time at home is the value of audio books, podcasts and other media.  Sonic branding is an incredibly strong and powerful force that is growing in strength.

I have come to be a huge fan of Audible for all sorts of content.  I have listened to dozens of audio books, practiced different meditations and consumed numerous commentary on items from technology to sports. 

It's shocking how easy it is to listen to an Audible book or piece of work while you are doing something else such as, working in the garden, cleaning the house, playing a sport or even taking the dogs for a walk.  There's value for everyone!

This is another one of those areas where I haven't found something interesting enough to replace what Audible can do.

Your Trajectory

It's possible that you can go completely Unbanked, disconnected and on your own path.  Every decision has consequences. For example if you look up the name of your favorite restaurant in Google vs. Duck Duck Go, you will see different results especially if the name resembles something political in nature.  

If you really want the restaurant you might think about Google, but to have an unadulturated, unfiltered and raw set of results for a more hot button issue, you could leave Google at home.  

The same holds true for other services as well.  Amazon has a grouping of products that will definitely add value to what you want in your life right now. 

The challenge is not being pulled or sucked into everything else they have going on.

Final Thoughts

Whether you believe the ultimate desired state should be some utopian society where everything is as it should be according to whoever that may be or not, there might be a balance struck.

In the name of progress, it seems that you can have it all.  The timing, scale, and outcome is really what is at stake.

Ultimately it's what your desired outcome looks like.  So, for you, what is it?  What does your desired future reality entail?

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Hey there, It's BryRi. Really glad to meet you! People ask, "what do you do BryRi?". I'm Strategist, Builder, Doer; My background is in Forestry, so I know how complex & diverse systems are key to achieving short & long term goals.

BryRi Method
BryRi Method

How can you possibly manage home and work? I am asked that question all the time. I don't feel like I'm middle aged until I look in the mirror. Checking the scale and seeing a pound or two difference was never a big deal. In my 20's I could just take a deep breath and loose 5 lbs. But guess what? It stacks up. Combine that with a little stress, less sleep and all of the "trade-offs" we make day in and out. The solution is as simple as making a decision, which takes literally just a moment in time.

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