Convo with Kids - YouTube, Facebook & Crypto
Convo with Kids - YouTube, Facebook & Crypto

Convo with Kids - YouTube, Facebook & Crypto

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 28 Feb 2021

Recently we were able to get away for a couple days and head to the beach. Even with all of the global focus on health, places are empty so it's great to keep your move on. A simple yet question set off a whole discussion. It ended up as The Convo with Kids - YouTube, Facebook & Crypto.

A Walk on the Beach

When we were walking on the beach the boy says to me;

What's up with that Facebook?

In a puzzled response I asked; "what do you mean"? Turns out he has seen multiple adults using it from parents to others and he doesn't quite get it.

Little did I know the journey that I was about to embark upon. I mean, how do you describe Facebook to a blank slate on the topic.

In a rapid run through in my mind of all the things I knew I should not say, but was thinking;

  • Facebook is garbage

  • Facebook is the antichrist

  • Facebook is worse than "rotting your brain on TV"

  • Facebook is....

Instead, came up with something a little more gentle. I saw, you know Facebook was made to keep track of people.

Ultimately, he needs to make up his own mind and I have to be careful about supplanting decisions before they are ready to be made. Yes there is an element of care and safety for sure.

When it comes to facebook he's not engaged yet. Besides, there is something bigger at work.

Tablets and YouTube

In this current time of remote and virtual schooling the kids are moving quickly in tablet technology proficiency. So it's not a surprise that YouTube is part of their vernacular.

The challenge right now is that YouTube is much more accessible than FB and with all of the streamers in the G level audience on video games, math, spelling and everything else it is starting habits that we didn't quite expect.

For starters, there are statements like;

I want to be a YouTuber...

Woof, talking about an immediate emotional response. While the talent and skill in content creation is not without merit or value, to see young minds in motion consuming content and entering the virtual world while the rest of the world is flying by can be alarming at least.

So that horse keeps running around the track and we are working with it as it grows, but one thing that keeps coming up is the topic of money.

From birthdays, holidays and other events, the topic of money is coming up more often.

Let's talk Crypto

As an adult during these times with unlimited money printing and curious financial futures at best, it seems more important than ever to talk about how the state of affairs around money is important to a young one.

Here's the thing. It's challenging. When the world around young kids is really in a consumer set-up and the way things are taken care of are with a credit card or a few greenbacks in exchange for food, merchandise or services, the whole premise of a truly digital and cashless society might as well be talking about the moon.

Although talking about the moon could be easier because at least you can see the white glow during the nights.

Nodes, ledgers, private keys? What are those again & how does a child gain that exposure.

Repetition Repetition Repetition

Recently I was reading in a book that was written in the early 1900's by Napoleon Hill. You may have come across it at some point. Think and Grow Rich.

In the 4th chapter he talks about the subconscious and how nothing in life ever changes, or achieves a desired level without programming the subconscious. And in that vein he basically says that repetition is the motherlode.

That was nearly 130 years ago and it stands true today. Whether it is gaslighting in politics, marketing of consumer products or sales of just about anything. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.

And then add the kid factor into that and holy smokes, repetition on hyperdrive. Think about it, how many times do you have to tell kids to brush their teeth, do their homework, make their bed, etc. And now we are talking crypto?

While it may seem daunting and absolutely overwhelming, it's not. It's a matter of see, model, do. Kids need to see us involved with crypto.

Quite often I will have a screen open on the laptop with a trading chart and I was take the opportunity to plant a few nuggets about what is happening.

Kids see it. Pretty soon they will model what they are seeing and from there the do is done.

Steady as You Go

It's really that simple in terms of strategy. The execution and the details are always the devil of it for sure. That being said, other than a lottery winner, no one makes the big win in a hot second.

Rather, success is a combination of small wins over a sustained period. So steady as you go and everything will all work out, be blessed!



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