Burn Clock - The Rapids Wallet You Need to Be Using
Burn Clock - The Rapids Wallet You Need to Be Using

Burn Clock - The Rapids Wallet You Need to Be Using

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 23 Sep 2020

7 Days Remain Until 5 Billion RPD are Burned! The more I read and learn about Rapids Network, its Community, and the Utility of the Project it makes sense to start: The Burn Clock - The Rapids Wallet You Need to Be Using!

Rapids Network Today

When you look at a project and what has been accomplished, there is plenty to glean from different factors in the life cycle.  Who's the team, when did it start & what's the problem it is solving?  

Those are all questions that need to be asked up front.  They've been covered in several articles previously written and linked at the end of this article. Please feel free to check them out and see how Rapids (RPD) aligns with you.

If you need a little more context or info, you can always head to the White Paper to see the origins and intent. 

Burn Clock - The Rapids Wallet You Need to Be Using

In addition to the upcoming token burn, what has been exciting is the continued growth and expansion of RPD across different areas.  Plus this aligns well with the roadmap that you can find directly on the rapids site.


Burn Clock - The Rapids Wallet You Need to Be Using

During a time of unprecedented global unemployment and uncertainty, it is inspiring to see achievements realized & adjusted for everything that 2020 has thrown down.

It is worth highlighting the partnership with a Burnley Football Club and the opportunity to reach a much larger audience to use RPD and realize its purpose.


The RPD Wallet You Need to Have

The baseline of what you need to get started with RPD is the Rapids Network wallet.  Recently upgrading to include a mobile version on iOS and Android in addition to the already available desktop version.

Burn Clock - The Rapids Wallet You Need to Be Using

Rapids Wallet is available across these operating systems;

Burn Clock - The Rapids Wallet You Need to Be Using


Especially with the recent mobile wallet the ease of navigation is really simple.  Having used numerous other wallets with varying projects, it is a relief to use something and NOT have the "Not Another Wallet" thought swirling around.

Have I mentioned fees and speed yet?  I know we're talking about wallets but it's important when you want to move things around, join a pool or even pay for something? Last I checked, the fee for a transaction was something around .0001 & the speed was in seconds.  

What a relief during a time when the results are _______________!

The Other Opportunity that we will dig into on a subsequent day is the opportunities with Nodes, Shared Nodes & Staking, where this wallet is key to entering the environment.



After this article there will be 6 more days of pre-Burn work.  I hope you're finding this project as exciting as I am.  Capability, Usability & Community are all part of the process and I see all 3 with RPD.

The wallet is really simple to use, easy to navigate and offers the utility that everyone seems to be asking for with other BTC's of the world.  

Until the next day on the countdown to the #Rapids5BBurn...

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