Bitcoin Cash Supporting Causes
Bitcoin Cash Supporting Causes

Bitcoin Cash Supporting Causes

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 27 Jan 2021

Recently in mid-January 2021, a small business in New Jersey, U.S. has made global news in regards to operating during the pandemic.  As you dig deeper you can find that a new option has emerged in Bitcoin Cash Supporting Causes.


The Atilis Gym

When looking through numerous news sources you can find information about the Atilis Gym in New Jersey.  The main point of the issue at hand is a small business continued to operate during a state wide ordered shutdown.

The point here is not whether you agree or disagree with the decision to operate, rather what has happened afterward.

The small business was fined by the state authority somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000 per day.  While the objection and court proceedings were underway, the state froze / seized / or basically made unavailable the entirety of the business's bank account.

As with all situations, issues, crisis and problems, there is an opportunity ripe for developing a solution.  Roger Ver and the team at BitcoinCash have responded in kind.



While this may have been going on for sometime, in recent years many examples of a cancel culture are readily apparent.

Whether it is a former president losing banking services to congressional leaders being asked to step down, it should come as no surprise that a state government would overstep against a small business.

Causes.Cash is looking change the playing field and give support to those who need it while leveraging blockchain for one of its many intended purpose.

Focusing on uncensorable fundraising through Causes.Cash, a new opportunity has presented itself to any who dare to look further.


Easy as 1-2-3

Even if your experience is from kickstarter or another platform, you will find the simple as 1-2-3 moniker very appropriate.

Pick your location and topic and you're off to the races after a couple more steps.

Bitcoin Cash Supporting Causes

The platform is relatively new and so far a few projects can be seen as available as they are listed with current data:

Bitcoin Cash Supporting CausesBitcoin Cash Supporting CausesBitcoin Cash Supporting Causes

Everything is very straight forward and the platform is light and simple as you would expect with most things blockchain driven.  No need for bells and whistles, provide a service and move ahead.


My 2 Satoshis

It seemed to be just a matter of time for many of the cryptos to enter the space providing a service like Causes.Cash.  As BitcoinCash is coming out the other side of the November 2020 fork, there's not much that will stay in the way of moving ahead and making incredible value add to all sorts of different services.

Much like a recent quote by Roger Ver;

Even if there is some derivation of this quote, it would make sense that a platform such as Causes.Cash would serve an immense purpose in serving others.



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