Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash, The Movements Continue
Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash, The Movements Continue

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash, The Movements Continue

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 1 Mar 2021

Recently I saw a comical graphic and it had me thinking about what is happening in the bigger picture. More importantly it was about Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash, The Movements Continue.


What's Happening and Who Cares

Right now all over the world, there are conversations taking place about Bitcoin. Even though the word being used is Bitcoin, the conversations are really about something much bigger at play.

On one level it's totally impressive. On another it is completely disturbing. Watching the FOMO take over as the financial pundits of the "traditional" investment world stumble over themselves to talk about BTC is awesome.

There is definitely something afoot since BTC has more than doubled previous all time highs and expected to explode even further.

When you get down to it though, there is so much more happening. So much more.


What is Really at Stake?

The question comes up over and over in many different forms. Whether it is tied to politics, religion, societal issues or just good ol' plain finance, the movement toward blockchain based digital assets be it NFT's or crypto's is something noone can hide from any longer.

What has this writer still very curious is the overall outcome that still has yet to be written in the pages of history about which crypto project will ascend and be used in different ways.

An attempt at levity shows this current state of affairs;

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash, The Movement Continues

Another word cloud that could go with the image under the current situation is that the orange should be at least 50 times as big as the green and still have the same size ball.

Might have a little different context then huh?

All laughs aside, the point of all of this, is what was the true intent of these digital assets, how are they being used today and then what is to become of them in the future.

On the one hand the purists as with any discipline or sector would say that crypto is a peer to peer payment system as intended. On the other hand, it has become a store of value.

An analogy you could use is like saying that the automobile was developed and produced to replace the horse drawn carriage with obvious improvements.

Yeah, there's lots of ways to look at this situation.


2021 & The Year of Movement

Not that this year has been specifically called the year of movement, but I am sure saying that is what we can call it.

And in my opinion the movement has yet to begin. Even though BTC has doubled on previous ATH's, there's still more upside to tackle.

BCH on the otherhand is a strange bird at the moment. Not strange in terms of capability or tech behind it. Nor strange in the personalities behind it either. Roger Ver is a pleasant enough chap and is engaged like anyone else you would expect at that level.

BCH is strange for the movement it is not making at the moment. Maybe doubling a position from late in 2020, but more interestingly some of the other work that is being done on BCH is of particular interest.

Social platforms and other developments seem to be in the running to give the true Bitcoin Cash the boost that most would expect it to have.

Compared to a couple years back during the levels and ATH's, BCH still has plenty of upside and as the overall market capitalization of BTC and the crypto markets as a whole continue to bloom, BCH looks to be foundational in that movement.

2021 the Year of Movements...




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