AUGMENTED: Aircoins Reality Peers into the Unseen.
Aircoins Reality

AUGMENTED: Aircoins Reality Peers into the Unseen.

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 1 Jun 2020

We perceive reality based on how our brain is wired.

— Dr. Joe Dispenza

Aircoins Reality Aircoins Reality

Always Learning Always Asking Questions

When was the last time you looked around you and thought, what am I seeing that is happening right in front of me, yet it is unseen?

I suspect for many, the answer to that question is: "Never". At least: "Not that often". That's ok. My answer was the same until recently as well. That's when I learned about Aircoins.

After just one round during a routine walk with the dogs, I am in. It's pretty cool to say the least, but the Augmented Reality of the whole routine is just cool. Not to mention it doesn't feel shady, dicey or have any of those links to otherwise unwanted services and stuff.

Just a great celebration of promoting healthy living by spending time outside moving combined with blockchain. What could be better?

What do you look for?

The premise behind Aircoins is really simple. You go out into your universe, wherever you spend time or more importantly, move. And you check in with the AR to find crypto coins whereever you may be.

I find it to be quite simple, yet completely genius!

Aircoins Reality

The simplicity makes the whole process just fun. When most of us are out and about, there is a location in motion on our devices that we are constantly using. Whether for our social media or navigating to our newest favorite spot. A device usually is supporting the journey.

For example this is great if you are heading out to walk your dogs. I was about to write pet, but the odds of this article reaching someone out for a brisk zoom with their pet ferret is pretty low, so I'll settle with dogs for now. (Ferret owners, know I'm with you in spirit).

How does it work?

This is really simple. Start the app and look at your location on the map. You will see coins popping up all around you. Walk, bike, skip or crawl within 80m (~260 feet) and switch the view to AR.

You may have to spin a 360 and the coin will be floating right in front of you. Tap the coin on the screen and it is automatically added to your wallet. After that just keep on moving. It's really that simple.

Here's the "about" video from the Aircoins website for some helpful information.

Perspectives and How to Engage

There’s no easier way for someone to get involved and earn cryptocurrency than by downloading Aircoins. It’s a fun and interactive way to learn about various cryptocurrency projects in the space. Merging cryptocurrency with mobile gaming, augmented reality and digital advertising, players are incentivized by collecting rewards and digital assets. We have a very enthusiastic community that genuinely enjoys finding & collecting coins on our platform. What’s even more encouraging is the amazing photos and testimonials we receive from users all around the world.

Do you remember watching the Pokemon craze from years ago? I can remember all of the different focus, writings and basically hysteria around playing the game. Also, I recall not being able to understand why.

Well things are definitely different now. I completely understand, but on a different level. All it takes is something personal. To make things more relevant, personal or all around valuable can be different for everyone.

So in this era of all things digital as well as focusing on health and bio hacking, Aircoins seems to be a great answer.


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