Aircoins reaches 2 years. Now Atomic Wallet!
Aircoins reaches 2 years.  Now Atomic Wallet!

Aircoins reaches 2 years. Now Atomic Wallet!

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 6 Jul 2020

Aircoins reaches 2 years.  Now Atomic Wallet!


There's exciting news today.  But first, if you haven't read my latest article on Atomic Wallet, definitely check it out from a couple days ago.

Happy Birthday Aircoins

Over the last two years Aircoins has made steady progress in growing and developing like many projects in the cryptosphere.  What has set it apart is the consistency, use and overall progress.  What I am thinking about today is: Aircoins reaches 2 years. Now Atomic Wallet!

Recently in a Telegram thread Aircoins proudly announced they are two years old.  Personally, I love the app.  Instead of mindless scrolling or consuming content of what is being served up on our hand held devices, I would rather move.  Aircoins is a great companion.

I was up in the mountains just a few days ago in an area that has less than single lane gravel roads and basically no people.  There were black bears, deer and just amazing weather.  As I was walking along with the two pups, I wondered if there could be any coins where I was.

Low and behold there was about 10 in the area where I was walking and when I looked at the hillsides around me, it was covered.  Granted, I wasn't planning to scramble for coins, but it started me on this path to thinking about a logical partnership that could be developed.  Atomic Wallet!


It's No Secret

I'm a fan of Atomic Wallet and appreciate its agility, security and simplicity.  The staff have always been incredibly helpful to me even with the most mundane of questions. And recently with the Atomic Wallet Coin rising in price by nearly 300% plus high staking returns of 20% or more, it's looking more attractive each day. I digress.

So what would make a great partnership Aircoins and Atomic Wallet?


For Starters

Having access to the Aircoins list of assets would be great.  Don't get me wrong, the absolute last thing I want to do is point Atomic Wallet toward a list of potential SH&* coins.  That would not be cool.  Not in the least.

It seems that every time I pick up a new Aircoin or two, that there is another that I have never heard of before.  For example today,  a handful of Rapids (RPD) was available.  I had never heard of Rapids, or even seen the ticker list it.  That being said, there's plenty of others available including XLM and BAT.

I'm not sure what it totally looks like but an AW / Aircoins partnership could prove valuable.


Strength in Numbers = Leverage

Both projects, while vastly different in terms of service could benefit from their numbers of subscribers.  Aircoins currently has somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-60k users.  While that may not be in the millions as we see in some arenas, I tend to think about it differently.

Plenty of Instagram influencers, or TikTok performers have 10-20k and are creating 7, 8, and 9 figure businesses.

Atomic Wallet has nearly half a million downloads so far.  I believe the current number is somewhere between 400 and 500 thousand.  Regardless, between the two and score of what the projects are looking to accomplish, this might be worth a conversation. 

What do you think?  Leave it in the comments.


Bottom Line

Both projects are valuable to me because they add value to my life.  While I don't pretend to lead a movement, it's predictable that others would have a similar perspective and even others to have the opposite.

That all being said, what is there to lose?  I just know I want more time in the day and steps to collect more coins.  Also, I would like Atomic Wallet to become the 90% solution whereas I'm at around 85% now.  All good.



Hey thanks, for taking a moment to check out this article.  Your time is valuable and I am grateful for your attention.

If I can leave you with 1 nugget that would be fantastic.  If you're already using Atomic Wallet, no worries, you're covered.

If you're on the other side of that answer.  I recommend not waiting another minute. It's free to join and with a couple dollars USD in your wallet, you will receive nearly $10 in Atomic Wallet Coin.  

If you use my referral code, you will receive a few more AWC, so will I.

Either way, I want you to use Atomic Wallet.

With my referral:


Let's get to it.




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