A Quick Guide to Wealth Consciousness
A Quick Guide to Wealth Consciousness

A Quick Guide to Wealth Consciousness

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 24 Feb 2021


Whether someone you know has a BTC they picked up for sub $1000, or another has the car you wish you were driving, or even you saw the latest news of a winning lottery ticket, odds are your wealth consciousness or lack thereof is holding you back.

It's a programming issue, plain and simple.


What is the Origin?

I'm sure you have heard somewhere along the way;

Money doesn't grow on trees

or maybe it was something else like;

That's fine, but I'm not made of money

The list of programs that we have downloaded throughout our life play out in the most interesting of ways.

Much of it comes from the time we are born and schooled and grow up. Fortunate for all of us, if a person is willing to put in the effort and work, we can massively adjust out consciousness around wealth.

Let's look at a key ingredient.


The Power of Your Subconscious

If you have kids, or a pet, or even spend a lot of time around your spouse or partner, have you noticed the different habits exhibited?

I'll tell you about one. I was sitting downstairs early in the morning the other day while reading a book and sipping on a cup of coffee to start the day.

One of the kids came down stairs and very deliberately and seemingly mindlessly walked over to the pantry and grabbed a box of breakfast cereal and started to go through a pantomime of actions before that first spoonful.

It was quite a marvel to witness on many levels. Most impressive was that it happens at such an early age.

While most child specialists would say this is normal as the young mind is like a sponge soaking it all in as quickly as possible.

So with that in mind, it would make sense that the subconscious thoughts around wealth are equally as powerful.


Wealth Consciousness 101

Let's start with this;

"No thought, whether it be negative or positive, can enter the subconscious mind without the aid of the principle of autosuggestion, with the exception of thoughts picked up from the ether."

When we start to think about wealth consciousness most would go to the place where we think about being conscious of money or maybe being responsible with our finances.

While that may be an outcome, wealth consciousness is something far deeper that you may realize.

The premise behind wealth consciousness is that you are already living in the field of wealth. Your frequency is aligned and you are drawing in that which you desire.

Now if that sounds a little esoteric and even a bit woo-woo for you, don't fret, you're not alone.

The whole notion of living in the feeling has been the subject of ballads, books, and just about every form of media ever conceived. But it's much simpler than most of us make it out to be.

In essence, wealth can be about whatever it is that gives you true unadulterated value. It could be money, it could be pleasure, food, merchandise, friendship, love, etc. The list is truly endless.


What We Need to Remember

The most important part of this entire topic is that to be in the feeling you have to live in the feeling. To find that true love, you have to be already in that true love feeling and the person will appear.

To live in a total feeling of bliss and happiness, you have to embody the total bliss and happiness and the experiences will be drawn to you.

The same is true for wealth and wealth consciousness. If you see yourself as holding great wealth, you will hold great wealth.

Remember earlier in the article where it was written, if you're willing to put in the effort and work? Well that's this part right now.


What Will Not Work

The effort and work needed to make the adjustments in your life are substantive. So are the rewards. Is it worth it to you?

Plus you have to remember that whatever your age may be it took you that many years to get to where you are right now. The uber plus side to this whole situation is that you will need but a fraction of that time to unwind and rewire those processes for you.

Let's look.


The Fun Begins Here

So let's say for example that you are looking to build your wealth consciousness. We know that it could be as simple as you saying to your self that you are going to win the lottery.

You tell yourself in every waking hour and read everything possible under the sun and moon on the subject. You are obsessed. There is nothing that will keep you from winning your lottery jackpot.

You win!

That's great now what?

That story above has happened so many times to so many different people on an incredible number of topics. Yes you can manifest, but are you wealth conscious? I suspect not, you're half way there.


Half Way There, Now What?

Most who are reading this have come across manifestation or thinking about how to attract what it is that you desire be it finances, relationships or health.

The real wealth is in the consciousness that propels us forward.

To seal the deal, we need to make a subtle adjustment overall. Remember the saying about those who are successful.

Success is for those who decide quickly and adjust slowly. Failure mostly follow those who decide slowly and adjust quickly.

Sounds counterintuitive right?

The secret sauce is that this subtle adjustment has the power to alter the trajectory of your life.


The Secret Sauce

When it comes to wealth consciousness here is a couple sentences that will make it happen.

Hand over the thought of anything that you desire in your wealth future to your imagination and see what your imagination can, or will, do to create practical plans for the accumulation of wealth through the transmutation of your desire.

Books have been written and discerning, successful professionals have pontificated on the subject yet all roads lead back here.

Let your thought turn into emotion which then drives your action.


The Finish

Wealth consciousness can be easy to bump into or accidentally acquire for a brief moment. To sustain it for the long term it is important to remember one thing;

You may think you have a reason for doing what you do, don't trust it, for it is faulty.

Well that's really comforting. All of this schooling, education, mentoring and rearing from our parents and we are left with our "reasons are faulty"... Woof, that's a mindful...

The best part about all of this is what was written int he very beginning. We have the ability to adjust our trajectories and activate our wealth consciousness to help all of us.


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