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A Proposition for a Statera Project Use Case

A Proposition for a Statera Project Use Case

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 26 Jul 2020

Just make a decision!  How many times have you told yourself, others, or had someone say it to you?  It happens more than you think and even more so in the area of investing.  If you read further, you will see this is - A Proposition for a Statera Project Use Case.

The "normal" Index Fund

I bet if you grabbed anyone off the street, in a coffee shop or even in a circle of your closest friends and asked;  what do you think is an Index Fun?  The answers would invariably lean towards the S&P 500 or something from Vanguard or Fidelity.

Over the last couple years, especially in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), there has been major movement.  Searching for ways to make the channels of money flow with less friction, more current and as Robert Kiyosaki would say; "More Velocity", opportunities are beginning to appear.

Blockchain projects are beginning to appear that are looking to compliment, augment or even completely replace current systems are appearing at great speed.

One of these projects is Statera.

Statera (STA) is a smart contract powered Indexed Deflationary Token (IDT), which synergizes with a trustless and community driven portfolio of class-leading cryptocurrencies.

A Proposition for a Statera Project Use Case


The Use Case Proposition

If you need to dig into the specifics of Statera and what it looks like at the white paper level you can digest the 30 or so pages and have a solid base to work from.  In that paper you will find a great set of primers in their epic "TLDR" section.  (Too Long Didn't Read)

A Proposition for a Statera Project Use Case

The notion of becoming a global deflationary currency is quite exciting.  Let's think about this now from more layman's terms.


How are you investing now?

If you are like many hard working people across the globe, you are constantly looking and thinking of different ways to save, invest and grow for your future.  Schools, marketing campaigns and word of mouth leads many to the watering holes of mutual funds, ETF's and index funds. 

This whole notion of blockchain has the majority of folks looking at BTC (used like Coke for all other soft drinks) as a buy/sell or buy/hold option only.

Fortunately there is an option to think about this a little differently.


The Option Seems Clear

On the surface the Statera project (Latin for Balanced), seems to line up what many would like to hedge against risk in any cryptocurrency investment in the spirit of what traditional index funds deliver.  Ride with the increases while hedging against decreases.

In order to do this it seems that an individual or commercial application are the two directions that could potentially be taken with consequences in each.

Individually, there are those who are looking for less governed, managed or facilitated involvement from others who would engage with this type of index project.

Conversely, with recent news in the US Banking sector on abilities to act as custodian for digital assets, the Commercial application could have an equally as powerful result.

With either of these two scenarios, it would seem prudent that the investor outlays a certain percentage of their portfolio according to the personal risk tolerances and profile.


Another Facet to the Proposition

As more institutional forces engage in the custodial activity of digital assets, it would seem prudent for Statera to develop strategic partnerships with slightly alternative traditional financial planners.  

For example, Peter Mallouck, head of the multibillion USD firm Creative Planning, has a focus that runs very similar for his low net worth investors to his highest net worth investors. 

It is very simple.  Find investments that create income & operate in an advantageous tax posture.

In the U.S. the highest value is tied up in Real Estate and Retirement investments.

A Proposition for a Statera Project Use Case

A couple areas where the Statera Project could make better in roads to the value base.  It might be assumed that this distribution may be similar to other developed countries as well. 

A focus on these areas could further cement Statera Project's place in the investment portfolio.

  • Connections to the Real Estate Industry including wholesalers, realtors, REITs and other Commerical Property Management companies.
  • Strategic Partnerships with financial planning firms.
  • Strategic Partnerships with investment companies.
  • Simplify participation by work with mobile service providers.

These types of partnerships could provide the leverage needed for investors to hedge outlays across different classes and types.


Moving Forward

While currently the use of Uniswap is where Statera can be aquired, it would seem that the floodgates are just beginning to open and that other options can be explored.

Think how quickly things would move if you could use SMS data to purchase, much like cashapp for Twitter.  That is just one of many permutations that could occurr.

Whatever the final result is, the future looks bright for what Statera Project is focused on.





NOTE: In regards to this article, every reader should do your own research (DYOR).  The statements made in this article are opinions of the author and do not reflect the position of any companies, platforms or others listed.  No information in this article should be used as replacement for financial advice and should not be used as such.  The reader assumes all responsibility for actions taken in connection with reading this article.

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