A Crypto Tool That Should Be With Every Trader, HODL'r, & Advocate
A Crypto Tool That Should Be With Every Trader, HODL'r, & Advocate

A Crypto Tool That Should Be With Every Trader, HODL'r, & Advocate

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 4 Mar 2021

One of the best tools that you can use every day in your crypto adventures is most likely one that you think the least about. A plethora of options exist but let's start with something to frame the topic;

A Life Worth Living is Worth Recording

Depending your personal beliefs you may have the thought this already exists in the akash, for the rest of us mere mortals there is another tool to use day in day out.


The Power of Knowledge Capture

I once heard Tony Robbins in person say something about knowledge. How many times have you heard someone say, "knowledge is power"?

Hearing the big guy say it in person as well as reading it in countless books, there's another aspect to this.

Knowledge is only potential power.

The combination of knowledge with deliberate action is where the opportunity exists.

This is where we get into the crypto tool that was referred to at the outset of this piece. It's much simpler than you may think and it's infinitely more powerful than you can imagine.


A Paradox in Today's World

The tool of which we are looking at is the power of the pen. Now before you say this is just a bunch of fluff, stick with it for a paragraph or two and go from there.

When you write something on a paper or in a journal with pen or pencil there is something that happens on numerous levels.

For starters your hand mind connection has a programming function that goes deeper into your subconscious. Much like when you listen to music when you're studying or reading. The frequency unlocks the pathways to deeper learning.

The next thing that happens is very much in line with the teachings of many including the likes of Peter Drukker who famously said;

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

As you have probably surmised, many business and management principles apply to self as much as they apply to organizations.

How else will you be able to manage or acquire the data on management of self.

We all think that we just keep of things in our heads, but the fact of the matter is very few are talented enough to do it. Sorry to all of you over achievers out there.

It takes focus, dedication and work to achieve the results you desire. No magic powders, potions or pills here.


Here's the Good News

The great news about this whole topic of writing and having the opportunity to acquire your own data, especially when it comes to your world of crypto.

You have exactly what you need to do whatever it is you set out to do. Let me explain.

Having lived through different iterations over the last several decades in regards to data capture, I can speak with authority on any number of topics.

Using a "mead" notebook (I know it dates me by saying that, and if you know what it is, welcome to the club), was once a favorite past time to organize thoughts, serve as road map for school, work or just life in general.

From the notebook or chem books we transitioned to personal computers, laptops, personal devices, tablets, personal phones, smart phones and now just about every technology driven device possible.

Do you feel more organized?

I started out this section by saying there's some good news in all of this and then proceeded to talk about all of the ways that technology has distracted us.

We're not quite out of the woods yet, we just have scratched the surface on how this relates to our crypto-universes.

The good news is it is simpler than you think.


Quick Strategy and Tactics

When it comes to organizing your thoughts, technology and integrating the written format, provides several quick options that feed into much bigger strategies.

For starters, the bigger strategy can be optimizing your performance. You can pick a few indicators whether it be your health, mindset, and focus for your personal self and then have a few other points to use on your crypto side, such as looking at different dates & times as decision points as well as other factors which trigger an action.

As a simple strategy to improve performance let's take 1 example and run with it to identify the tactics to use. In this instance let's talk about trading.

It is apropos on many levels as the tactics and can be used whether you HODL, invest, trade or just be.



So the overall strategy is let's say, Improving Your Personal and Professional Performance Over the next 6 months.

The tactics to employ are layered together but support the overall strategy.

Tactic #1 - make 1% P/L every day.

Tactic #2 - achieve your optimal weight

Tactic #3 - Sleep at least 7.5 hours every day.

Now before you go off and run saying that the tactics are goals, and the numbers are metrics... You're right.

The beauty of the simple method here is that you can all them whatever you like. The important part is the simplicity.

You have an overall strategy that employs several tactics to reach the ultimate objective.

Now the tough question? How do you manage things? If you are uber organized and can discern your word doc's, apple notes, and other info management system inputs and outputs, more power to you.

I use them, don't get me wrong, but the act of writing in a journal or keeping a daily note book makes you slow down just quick enough to capture your thought and more importantly it makes you focus!

Plus the distraction of text, email or that latest youtube video from your favorite influencer won't see the light of day. At least for the few minutes that you are writing.

This is a very simple example by design. It is meant to show that even what could seem to be incredibly complicated can be simplified by the plain simple action of taking notes.



The power of working with your written content when operating in a digital space can seem to be somewhat of a paradox, but the reality of situation is that the benefits are immense and will help in numerous other areas of your life in addition to what you set out to do.

What you start out to learn and achieve usually is not what you learn and achieve.

Life has a funny way of reflecting back to us exactly what we need at the time we need it. Our ego typically doesn't let us see it that way.

I have a sneaking suspicion that if you start taking just a few minutes at a time consistently you will begin to see results in those areas.

Remember that saying about knowledge being potential power, but knowledge with action is where the true power resides.

Take action my friends, be blessed!


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