300% in 30 days. Inside an analyst's $150k Bitcoin Prediction
300% in 30 days

300% in 30 days. Inside an analyst's $150k Bitcoin Prediction

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 13 Jun 2020

The ups and downs are to be expected.  Some of the growth is just astounding to watch.


VeChain in the last 30 days

The last 30 days have been really interesting.  Looking at the story of VeChain and what is happening.  It is not wonder there has been more than 300% growth in the last 30 days.

The ebb and flow as well as the ups and downs are to be expected.  A good story and solid mission are key pillars to overall success of the project.

Within an Analysts Prediction of  $150k Bitcoin

Recently within Jack Martin's piece in Cointelegraph, there was a prediction made by analyst Simon Dedic, Co-Founder of Blockfyre.  Dedic went big in talking about the strength behind BTC, ETH, LINK and XTZ.

While he didn't approach the situation as the same as the rocket ship ride of 2017 his words were equally powerful: 

Cream Rises to the Top

- Simon Dedic

The last paragraph held the nugget that seems to have come up in several places over the last couple weeks.  

Dedic’s prediction for VeChain (VET), with a seemingly modest target price of $1. However, this marks a massive 14,100% increase on its current price of $0.007.

What's your position?

In another article from Crypto News Flash

Link to the article 

In this article there is some of the technical story that we have all been looking for.  

In a study published by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), VeChain is recognized among 300 blockchains for its intelligent supply chain management. 

This piece goes a little further and talks about an even smaller subset of 8, of which 3 blockchain projects are recognized for their intelligent supply chain management.  This is all positive.

Other Supporting Points

As the VeChain project continues to gain momentum, the utility of the blockchain continues to grow rapidly.  Several pork sources in China have signed on to use VeChain in combination with Wal-Mart and potentially other global buyers.

Even on the exchange level, there has been news in recent days that Coinbase is looking at VeChain in a group of 18 different assets to bring on board to the service.

Huge Hat Tip

Lastly, it is important to give a huge hat tip to Chico Crypto.  A little over a month ago, I heard him talk about the subject during a Q & A just prior to the Bitcoin halving.  He was imparting wisdom and massive knowledge on the altcoin landscape prior to the event.

He was subtle yet, the story resonated as he talked about the potential behind VeChain.  To me, it just made sense.

Moving forward

One thing is certain in life.  Everything changes...

I have no doubt that this situation will too.  It's just a matter of time horizon and trajectory. I find it all too easy to get wrapped up in the candles and other fibonacci type views.  At the end of the day, I think there is something to be said for a strong energy signature and resonance from the field.  

As our good friend Conscious Christof Crypto would say:

There is opportunity everywhere, but if it doesn't align with our values, then that's ok.

Isn't that why we are all here?  Well, at least most of us.



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