30 Seconds to the Bityard, Let's Go!
30 Seconds to the Bityard, Let's Go!

30 Seconds to the Bityard, Let's Go!

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 6 Dec 2020

There's more than 100,000 users in 150 countries already, plus they are offering 50 USDT after your first .5 BTC deposit to trade.  On top of all of that it's only 30 Seconds to the Bityard, Let's Go!

disclaimer: While you may read plenty of articles that have affiliate links, this one does not.  This article is intended to be a rapid assessment of the Bityard.  When it's prefaced by an affiliate link, well how can know? So far so good, carry on.


Complex Contracts Simple Trade

Whether you are shiny new to the crypto space or one of the old guard that has been grinding since... since whenever that was... the topic of complex contracts, or more easily stated smart contracts is bound to have crossed your screen.

Don't worry about if you're level of knowledge is up to the task on the mechanics of smart contracts, what we are looking at today is the ability to trade these vehicles in a simplified manner.  Bityard has espoused they can do exactly that, by a simple phrase:  Complex Contracts Simple Trade.

You can remember that right?  I can too.


What's so simple anyway?

It's pretty simple and here's how I would describe it. 

4 and 3

4 points and 3 clicks.  Let me explain a little more.

First is the 4 points

30 Seconds to the Bityard

This was really straight forward the first time I saw it.  Those are quick answers to the 4 questions that typically come to mind whenever I am looking at a new exchange or swapping function.

  • Where is it able to do business.
  • What type of upside or leverage could be available.
  • What is the cost of doing business.
  • and What improves or hinders the velocity of money.

The Bityard has tackled all of these. 

I should point out that the actual name is Bityard, but when I talk and write about it, I find myself referring to it as "The" Bityard.  It just seems like The Sandlot or The Beach or The_________, rather a place or destination.  

The other ingredient in the simplicity if of the Bityard is:

3 Clicks

That's all it takes to get started. Register, Verify & Deposit and then you're in business.  It's just that simple. 

While the official site does not specify a preference, I have seen several reviews on medium and other platforms that promote the mobile version due to it being "easier".  I suspect that is all relative for if you only have a mobile device, well easier is perspective.

All things being equal, the sign-up is really straight forward and about as easy as it gets when verification is involved.


Straight Away

While it's completely legit and totally feasible that the second you make a deposit, you're off to the trading races so to speak, it might be advantageous to add one more step.

Currently there is a demo version or what I would refer to is a sandbox where you can make sure you are dialed in to what you are trying to do with trading contracts.

It's kinda like arm-wrestling an octopus 1 tentacle at a time.

There are many who do it and plenty more who have figured out a strategy, but until you've gone through the motions and experienced it first hand, the demo version is a great way to manage your risk up front.

A little bit of preparation will exponentially help you down the line.


A Little Bit of Leverage

Candidly my personal strategies do not include the use of leverage as it would completely blow up my risk profile.  That being said, I completely understand and support everyone who does!

The speed at which you can access leveraged support and the amounts seem commensurate.  They link well together and provide the trader that extra need bump to amplify their position.

Trading fees with leverage are pretty good and much lower than I would have expected.  Nevertheless, your profile, your risk.  Do your own research mates!

30 Seconds to the Bityard

The real time pricing API feeds that are coming from Binance, Huobi and OKEx make for a very consistent and reliable data.  This feature is especially attractive if you are used to using other sources that only draw from 1 or maybe 2 authoritative data sets.

With a simple easy to use interface which includes leverage options from the same page, Bityard aims to support even the most savvy of users.


Global Partner Recruiting

Something that I noticed about the "Worlds Leading Crypto Contract Exchange" was in regards to their business partner and affiliate opportunities.  Now remember that I said in the beginning that I don't have any affiliate links in this article.

This section is about recognizing the opportunity of becoming an affiliate. In addition to having 3 simple steps to registering and using the Bityard, they also have 3 simple steps for moving through the affiliate stages.

30 Seconds to the Bityard

I like the simplicity of the thinking here and the straight forwardness of what  could be accomplished.  The one challenge that I can see with many who may choose to head down this path is solely in #1.  Most social platforms have the algorithms throttle back referral or affiliate URL's. That being said, I would add a step 1a and a 1b in the process.  

1a.  Engage with your audience on social and ask them to engage with you to learn more, etc.

1b. Share the referral / affiliate link to that response.

Other than that, it's all great.  Simple, straight forward and totally to the point.

30 Seconds to the Bityard

The other thing that comes across really well is the 60% commission rate.  Compared to other sources or even industries it seems that the Bityard is either on par or better than whatever else you find out there.


My 2 Cents on the Bityard

Now that we have again entered the plane where crypto is being talked about in major news cycles as well as other main stream channels, it would make sense that an onslaught of new services would look to penetrate these growing markets.

In addition the opportunity exists for those services and applications like Bityard to grow and develop from their current beginnings.  So there's no need to look at the sham, shill or nefarious potential in this situation because the work that started in Singapore several years ago to stand up Bityard and create a top notch organization is just that.

With professional sources coming from major consulting groups and other high octane organizations, it is no surprise that the Bityard has seemed to emerge on the scene very rapidly.

Since the organization has streamlined registration and entry as well as a full stack of capabilities and services, it's great to see this group in the bigger community.

I'm really excited to see where Bityard goes and hope you do too.

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