150,000 Atomic Wallet Users and Why You Should Too
150,000 Atomic Wallet Users and Why You Should Too

150,000 Atomic Wallet Users and Why You Should Too

By BryRi | BryRi Method | 15 Jun 2020

How Many Times Have you Been First?

When it comes to social media how many times have you been first?  First in adoption?  First in use?  Or even first in value add or gained? Read on to learn about 150,000 Atomic Wallet Users and Why You Should Too.

I suspect that most have not.  And your reasons are solid. Waiting for social proof or just seeing how it all plays out. Well, if you give me 90 seconds or so, I think this may be of importance to you and those around you.

Atomic Wallet is one of those opportunities that comes along only, every once in a while.  It's also an application that has grown because of the value that it provides its users.  I know that for me personally, I wouldn't write about it unless I thought the value far outweighed anything else. 

Let's continue and see what is actually under the hood.


Non-custodial and what does that actually mean?

Non-custodial can be summed up in 1 phrase or sentence: Ownership is yours.

In the beginning I know many who have sought to learn more about cryptocurrency and this concept at first is a bit elusive.  When it is truly understood, the impact can be quite alarming.

Ownership is yours, breaks down into the mere fact that the private keys to whatever asset wallet you have are in your control.  That is not even remotely close for many other services.  There's no need to name the specific companies, this article is about Atomic Wallet.

The value of having your private keys in your possession and in your control is in total alignment with the spirit of digital currency and many of the users.  You are responsible and not beholden to anyone when it comes to this first step in being Unbanked.

The Atomic Wallet Coin

Many of the different exchanges, services and projects that exist in the crypto ecosystems have a native asset.  The Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) is a valued proof of stake asset that at time of writing is $0.39 USD.  

A recent surprise in value in the Atomic Wallet is the opportunity for staking AWC right from the wallet.  Now get ready for the kicker. There's some pretty exciting returns for staking in the Atomic Wallet.

150,000 Atomic Wallet Users and Why You Should Too

This might be an extreme example, but take this chart and apply it to 1 million dollars USD.  The returns look quite lovely.  Is there opportunity here? It sure seems that way.


Can you say AMAZING support?

Have you tried to call a bank, airline, or your cable company lately?  How long did it take to actually communicate with a real person on the other end? 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or received the "We'll call you back" automation? And to top it off, is there anything actionable in the response?

Atomic Wallet is run by a small team by their own admission, yet has efficient and responsive service that you would hope could be modeled to just about everywhere else.

Many reviews have been written on Atomic Wallet that highlight this very point.  Send in a quick note to support@atomic.io and response times have near always been within the hour and to satisfaction.  Personally I have not read any critical reviews, but wouldn't doubt they are out there.

Someone is always upset about something.  Even if it's something as simple as answering a question of "what am I breathing?" with "air"...  You know what I mean, haters will hate.

The point is, that with a service that is focused on self accountability and top tier security, I find it refreshing that when you do need assistance, it's just an email away.  And on top of that, the responses are authentic, real and actionable.

Bias toward action, you have to love it!


Security, Security, Security

While this could have been first, I say, save the best for last.  There are a litany of articles written on the security features of Atomic Wallet derived from open source code.  I'll try to cover a few of high points.

From an article in Coinbureau.com

150,000 Atomic Wallet Users and Why You Should Too

In some other Reddit discourse there has been discussion regarding 2FA as well as other cold wallet options.  Impressively, Atomic Wallet jumps right in the conversation to talk about what they are working toward and highlight some of the areas they are concerned about.  

I see Atomic Wallet's engagement in the process refreshing, as all too often leaders shy away from directly & publicly engaging with their users in direction or operational issues.

On Trustpilot with over 3,000 reviews averaging 4.6 out of 5.

150,000 Atomic Wallet Users and Why You Should Too

The comments range anywhere from looks and aesthetics of the application to appreciation of the Atomic Swap capabilities.  There were several comments from dissatisfied users.  In all fairness it was hard to tell where the issue truly originated from and in consistent fashion Atomic Wallet was engaged in the conversation.

The last review I read was from Cryptoadvantage who summed up the pro's and con's in their graphic they used here:

150,000 Atomic Wallet Users and Why You Should Too


The Verdict

A secure, non-custodial, cryptocurrency wallet option that can work for you, exists with Atomic Wallet. In our current day consumer driven society, it is easy to get wrapped up in the "I want it perfect" stage as opposed to the 90% solution.  

With 2FA  as well as biometric access expected in the near future, as well as a support team that engages consistently, concerns are allayed. 


My ask

Obviously I'm a huge fan of Atomic Wallet and I don't write to support anything that I wouldn't or don't use.  If you are already a user of Atomic Wallet, I hope that this article added a different perspective and additive value you didn't have before.

If you have yet to open your Atomic Wallet I invite you to use my referral code


- If you just open the wallet without the referral, you will be in good hands and I wish you amazing success!

- If you use the referral code we both receive between 5-15 AWC depending on the current time.  It has varied over the last year and I don't want to provide an inaccurate number.

I hope that this had added a nugget of good fortune to your day and wish you all of the success you seek!


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