Moonrover has launched on MoonRiver Network 9 days Ago

By brudu92 | brudu92 | 5 May 2022

Hello guys i'm here to share a project that i found called $MoonRover

Alway remember to DYOR your investments:




Moonrover is an ERC-20 Smart Contract DAO token built on the Moonriver
Network, built by the Moonbeam team. ‘A Polkadot Parachain”. A ‘DAO’ is a
decentralized autonomous organization. Meaning it has no central figure of control, and it’s
a collective organization of individuals contributing to its core functions. Moonrover aims
to support the carbon sequestering industry by building direct relationships with industry
leaders, and individual contributors. The Dao’s treasury goal is to obtain significant stake
within these organizations to have contributing rights to future plans and projects.
Moonrover aims to establish and maintain healthy relationships with social organizations
like Team Trees, Team Seas, and crypto protocols like Klima-Dao, Energi, Energy Web,
and more. The Dao will allow token holders to vote and create proposals on which
organization we aim to support, how we will support, and how long will we support them.
We are aiming to grow and mature with the carbon sequestering industry to make an impact
on our livelihoods. Moonrover’s core mission objective is to become a DAO which is an
integral value within world leading climate discussions and panels.



Here are the chart after 9 days of launch



To be honest i've invest a couple grands on the project and made some good returns (not financial advice)

I'm using Yield farming too and using staking too




PS: All the links will be in the ressources

Thanks for reading

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