$Moonrover The 1st Ecology Based Token DAO

By brudu92 | brudu92 | 23 Apr 2022

Hello guys i'm here to share a project that i found called $MoonRover

Alway remember to DYOR your investments:




Moonrover is an ERC-20 Smart Contract DAO token built on the Moonriver
Network, built by the Moonbeam team. ‘A Polkadot Parachain”. A ‘DAO’ is a
decentralized autonomous organization. Meaning it has no central figure of control, and it’s
a collective organization of individuals contributing to its core functions. Moonrover aims
to support the carbon sequestering industry by building direct relationships with industry
leaders, and individual contributors. The Dao’s treasury goal is to obtain significant stake
within these organizations to have contributing rights to future plans and projects.
Moonrover aims to establish and maintain healthy relationships with social organizations
like Team Trees, Team Seas, and crypto protocols like Klima-Dao, Energi, Energy Web,
and more. The Dao will allow token holders to vote and create proposals on which
organization we aim to support, how we will support, and how long will we support them.
We are aiming to grow and mature with the carbon sequestering industry to make an impact
on our livelihoods. Moonrover’s core mission objective is to become a DAO which is an
integral value within world leading climate discussions and panels.



Token Launch & Distribution.

Initially Moonrover will launch and enable “yield-farming”
& staking to divvy its supply. This will ensure a fair launch as there will be no pre-sale, and
only a small amount will be allocated to the core team for developmental support. Once the
maximum supply of tokens are in circulation, we will begin utilizing the Dao’s ‘Green
Wallet’ (like a charity wallet) to support the health of the Dao’s mission of planetary
sustainability. Moonrover has created a first of its kind “DeFi C.A.P” (Decentralized
Finance Continuous Asset Pledge) where it’s internal functions utilize a fee structure
(similar to EIP-1559) to support the liquidity backing the token.



Initial token distribution allocation
• 10%: Moonrover Team (2-year vesting)
• 5%: Green Wallet
• 35%: Vault Rewards
• 25%: Yield-Farming Rewards
• 25%: Initial liquidity provision


• Moonrover Team:

Will utilize the tokens to acquire contract work for graphic
artists, marketing & promotions, contract new team members to aid and support
existing & future smart contract developments, pay for existing team members
time and energy.

• Green Wallet:

Will utilize the tokens to fight climate emissions, marketing &

• Vault & Yield-Farming rewards:

Will use the tokens to reward participants in the
yield farms, and vaults.

• Liquidity Provision:

Will use the tokens to add as liquidity to the Dex “Sushi”.
We will lock the LP tokens until required to provision liquidity on new

Products, Utility, & Tokenomics

• 45B Total token supply
• LP ‘Yield Farm’ (For token distribution events)
• ‘Vaults’ (For token distribution events)
• Defi C.A.P.
• Governance Token (Coming Soon)
• Community Lottery (Coming soon)

REMINDER: $ROVR Moonrover DAO tokens are to be used exclusively for DAO
functions. We do not recommend the purchase of tokens based on speculation on price.
This is our community’s core token for valuable input.

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